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So, this Fun Blog is all about the best Crypto Memes of 2022. This page is here to give you a better understanding of why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin are getting laughs with the Viral Crypto Memes of 2022! And why you should consider investing in them. If you want to take a glance at new cryptocurrency Memes and the people who invest in them, we have compiled for you 20 of the best crypto memes. Join us on this fun crypto journey.

Best 20 Crypto Memes of all Times

1. Bitcoin Cat

Bitcoin Cat

The fun and funny image of a cat that has bitcoin written on its chest. The numerous variations of the Bitcoin Cat meme have been popular since November 2013, when Dogie, an eight-year-old French cat, was found to have money in his Bitcoin account because of his owner’s clientele.

When Moon Crypto Meme

2. When Moon Crypto Meme

Background: This funny meme shows a man that keeps on asking “When moon?” This meme is popular on Reddit by user Sykopr, who started it as a joke.

3. Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day Meme

The Pizza Day meme refers to a purchase made by Laszlo Hanyecz in 2010 for 10,000 Bitcoins. It was the first real-world transaction of Bitcoins, which shows how times have changed and how expensive that pizza would be today.

More on the Bitcoin Pizza Day Meme

4. Bitcoin for Dummies

Bitcoin For Dummies meme

This meme is about explaining Bitcoin to a newbie. But the person you are trying to explain this to is not a dummy!

This meme is about explaining Bitcoins to a newbie.

5. Arrogant Bitcoin Investor

Background: It’s an image of a Bitcoin investor who is using his success to boost his ego. He looks so arrogant, but he is only pretending to be that way.

The meme is trending and made popular by Loora in 2013 on the Reddit page where she publishes images and memes like this on Reddit.

6. 10% of The World’s Population Bought Bitcoin

Bought Bitcoin

Background: The image is a picture of a Bitcoin investor who is trying to brag about his investment. He says that 10% of the world’s population owns Bitcoin and he is one of them.

The image is a picture of a Bitcoin investor who is trying to brag about his investment. The meme was popular with LooraCraftMemes in 2013 after she posted this image on Reddit. credit:

Where Lambo

7. Where Lambo?

The Where Lambo meme humorously illustrates how some beginner crypto investors feel. Don’t expect to change your lifestyle on your first trade!

For the patient carful investor Crypto can be a great way to get rich, but it won’t happen over night.

Winning with the best crypto memes
Why do I love Bitcoin? Because it's going to the moon

8. Why do I love Bitcoin? Because it’s going to the moon

The why do I love Bitcoin meme is about how Bitcoin is going to the moon and how that reason is enough for you to get invest in it. The meme is still in trolls in Reddit communities like Memelodz and admin DigiCoinTz1995 in 2022.

9. When will I be a millionaire?

Background: This image is mocking people that think they’re going to be millionaires just because they own Bitcoin. It’s a very common mistake, but it’s not the case. Just owning Bitcoin or any other Altcoin will never make you rich! You must learn a profitable trade system first.

The meme by Reddit user u/Crowetic in 2022 is a great example of trolling crypto investors as it shows the genuine curiosity of investors.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Crypto Meme

10. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Crypto Meme

Background: This is a meme about one of the most common phrases from people that have invested in Bitcoin. This Meme was popularized by Reddit user u/Crowetic in 2014 after he posted this image on Reddit.

The Crypto Sceptic

11. The Crypto Sceptic

This cute little sketch cartoon hilariously depicts the actions of people who always wait till the mainstream is on board to invest. The markets always reward the investor that is willing to take a calculated risk.


12. You Don’t Look a Day Over 65

Trading Crypto can be stressful if you don’t have the right trade plan. There are great systems that you can follow that will help you keep your youth while you trade!

13. Waiting For the Dip

Waiting For the Dip

How long have you been waiting for the dip? I’ve been waiting for what seems like for ever! Hey, friend are you sill with me? Don’t leave me!

People Who Sold Bitcoin Sub 20K

14. People Who Sold Bitcoin Sub 20K

You can almost feel the sinking sick feeling in your gut! I would hate to be that guy who dumped thinking that Bitcoin was a sinking ship.

15. Bitcoin Expert

Bitcoin Expert

A Looser living in his mom’s basement learns about crypto and then borrows enough from his mom to buy 0.001 Bitcoin. Now all of a sudden he is a crypto expert! LOL.

Don’t brag until you know what you are doing! Uh! Let me rephrase that… Let’s just say, “Don’t brag!”

Haha, welcome to Crypto

16. “Haha, welcome to Crypto” 

This meme is about a guy who has a job and was probably just getting ready to do laundry still wearing his work clothes. He gets home to find that he made millions with crypto and now he’s sitting in his house while watching TV. The internet meme could be seen as making fun of the guy who just got done spending all his money on crypto which can make you rich but it also could be seen as an easy way to get more viewers or even viewers watching something online.

Bitcoin Is Like Playing Chess

17. Bitcoin Is Like Playing Chess 

A tweet by Lisa Hough turns into a popular meme that boosted many bitcoin owners during a downdraw. Can anyone say Bitcoin = $100K? 

Do you want fries with that?

18. “Do you want fries with that?” 

Ever since the original “Do you want fries with that?” meme went viral the thought has been duplicated all over numerous meme joiners. The concept has led crypto enthusiasts to a plethora of jokes and memes, many of them have asked what are some good websites for beginners to learn about cryptocurrencies. The Reality is it Crypto Trading is not all that difficult. The problem is finding a good system and maintaining the discipline it takes to follow it.

Holding Bitcoin Oops

19. Oops! 

Can you feel the emotion on thisman’ss face? Every trader has been there. Ye,s I can identify! One of the hardest things for people to learn when they first start trading is, “youcan’tt win them all.”

As a trader you just have to win more than you loose.

20. Crypto meme – Once You Buy In, You Will Be All In. 

Bitcoin - Once You Buy In, You Will Be All In

The once you buy meme is a quote taken from an email by Bill Gates, read in his voice as a spoof letter. The message reads: “Dear Bitcoiners, I have to admit that, despite my best efforts to the contrary, you’ve gotten under my skin.” The email is often attributed to either Microsoft or Bill Gates himself but its authenticity remains unclear.

The person who wrote this piece of satire with the help of an online meme generator suggests that if you are thinking about investing in bitcoin it might be because of greed.


Crypto can be a ton of fun as well as very profitable. We hope you have enjoyed our hand-picked top best crypto memes.

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