7 Best NFT wallets of 2023

7 Best NFT wallets of 2023Go outside of your house today without your wallet and you will realize that you are vulnerable and unable to do any transaction of modern-day life. Similarly, to survive in the world of future, you will need digital wallets! These digital wallets will hold your NFTs aka Non-fungible tokens and Crypto Currencies aka money of the future! Hence, you will need these NFT wallets. Therefore, we have arranged a complete guide of the 7 best NFT wallets so you can choose the best free NFT wallet. However, first, let’s understand NFTs and consider that do you need them right now or not.

What is an NFT wallet and why do you need it?

NFT stands for Non-fungible-token and in simple words, it is a unique possession that a person can hold on a blockchain. Let’s break it down with a real-world example; we usually buy a ticket to travel. In the future, it will be a digital ticket called NFT that will be stored on the blockchain and accessed through any device like mobile! In this way, NFTs will have real-world applications and you will need NFT wallets to store and spend your NFTs.

If the idea of digital NFT wallets seems farfetched to you, then you should consider that humans were doing barter trading till recent centuries. Barter trading is the method of exchanging one item for another like exchanging a fish for wheat. After barter trading, humanity moved to gold, silver, and other coins. Afterward, the world adopted paper currency in the form of cash and plastic currency in the form of credit and debit cards. Now, the era of digital cryptocurrency is dawning, and to hold these currencies and NFTs, you need an NFT wallet!

How to create a free NFT wallet?

The demand for a free NFT wallet is growing rapidly as the world is moving toward real-world applications of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Therefore, even if you like it or not, you have to make an NFT wallet in the future!

Free NFT wallet creation is very simple. The first step is to choose a free NFT wallet from the below-mentioned 7 best NFT wallets. Afterward, all you have to do is follow simple instructions like entering a new id, setting a password, and saving a secret key. Remember to never share your password or secret key with anyone!

Now, let’s dive straight into reviewing and comparing the 7 best NFT wallets so you can choose your free NFT wallet.

Top 7 best NFT Wallets: Review and Comparison

Following is the review and comparison of the top 7 best NFT wallets based on security, compatibility with NFT marketplaces, cross-device utility, interface simplicity, and multi-chain support functionality.

1.     Metamask

Metamask is the best option of all! It is a non-custodial NFT wallet, which means the owner of the wallet holds the key and custody. Contrary to that, custodial wallets are the ones where service providers have the key. Hence, Metamask is super secure! Furthermore, it is compatible with every major NFT marketplace like the open sea and Magic Eden. Moreover, Metamask can be used through a chrome extension, mobile application, or browser. Hence, it provides great cross-device utility. Lastly, the user interface is super simple and a user can make multiple accounts within one minute! Above all, it provides multi-chain support functionality.

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2.     Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is very secure and compatible with major NFT marketplaces. However, Trust Wallet was introduced by Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, therefore, it has a certain tilt toward the Binance NFT marketplace and it is supportive of blockchains supported by Binance. However, it is also a non-custodial NFT wallet. Therefore, it is secure! Moreover, the interface of the trust wallet is also simple but not as simple as the Metamask! Of course, this opinion can be subjective to users.

3.     Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet offers something super cool! It enables users to transfer cryptocurrencies and NFTs to addresses that consist of user names. Contrary to that, other wallets usually use long boring crypto addresses. Coinbase was introduced by Coinbase exchange but it is a non-custodial wallet which means Coinbase does not hold the key! The user interface of the Coinbase wallet is very simple and it offers multi-chain support as well. Most importantly, it provides flawless compatibility with NFT marketplaces.

4.     Math Wallet

Math Wallet is the best option if you want to hold many cryptocurrencies along with your NFTs. It flawlessly supports over seventy blockchains with its easy-to-use interface on the web, desktop, and mobile devices. The cherry on top is that it provides easy staking and swapping features to crypto holders. Above all, Math Wallet has a built-in dApp browser aka decentralized application browser that enables users to access NFT marketplaces. Hence, it is a great alternative!

5.     Kukai Wallet

Kukai wallet is one of the best open-source NFT wallets in the market. It provides strong security and easy to use interface that makes it ideal for the simple use function of storing the NFTs. Furthermore, Kukai Wallet allows users to access NFT marketplaces without complications. The major differentiator of the Kukai Wallet is its simple design and multi-chain support functionality and the major limitation is its limited cross-platform utility.

6.     Enjin Wallet

Enjin Wallet is one of the best alternative NFT markets for trading, storing, and swapping NFTs because it has a built-in exchange. Moreover, Enjin Wallet provides impeccable security and enables users to connect their ledgers and old wallets. Furthermore, it is compatible with major NFT marketplaces and provides cross-device utility and a smooth syncing facility. Above all, Enjin Wallet is known for its interface simplicity and multi-chain support functionality. Hence, it is also one of the best alternative NFT wallets.

7.     Alpha WalletAltcoins Exchange

Alpha Wallet is a unique NFT wallet as it has some drawbacks and some beneficial features. The major drawback of Alpha Wallet is its sole focus on Ethereum and mobile-only functionality. Other than that, the major focus of the Alpha Wallet is to serve blockchain games, gaming tokens, and NFTs. Therefore, it would be a good option if you love gaming. Despite the abovementioned lacking, Alpha Wallet provides flawless security and great utility!


In conclusion, having and maintaining an NFT wallet will become the basic requirement for survival in the future world. Moreover, right now, the spread of digitalization in the world is signaling that everyone shall have two to three NFT wallets, one for spending and two for saving and storing. Therefore, don’t waste another minute in thinking and start your journey in the futuristic world by making your own free NFT wallet from the above-mentioned 7 best NFT wallets!

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