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December 8, 2022
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where to buy polygon crypto

What Is Polygon Crypto?

where to buy polygon crypto

Polygon Crypto is a token and platform that leverages the “blockchain revolution” to help people and organizations make meaningful contributions by donating their time, skills, and resources to various projects. The end goal is to initiate an open-source decentralized economy where anyone can contribute financially or in kind. Lets examine what Polygon is all about along with how and where to buy Polygon Crypto!

Joining forces with the crypto space and blockchain technology has enabled us to create a platform that allows individuals and organizations of all types, cultures, backgrounds, ages, and interests the opportunity to directly channel their efforts into meaningful causes.

Underneath, Polygon Crypto is the idea of expanding one’s worldview via philanthropy by providing an access point for everyone on Earth to become involved in charity work. Get this beautiful aspect, without necessarily having someone else’s prior approval.

How and Where To Buy Polygon Crypto?

  1. You can buy Polygon Crypto tokens by registering with one of our recommended Exchanges Coinbase or Binance.
  2. Add a new ETH wallet to your account.
  3. After you have added your wallet, click on the green button:
  4. You will then see an ETH wallet address where you can send your ETH to.
  5. Enter your ETH wallet address and click on Next step:
  6. You will then receive a confirmation email before being able to trade Polygon Crypto (POLY).

Should I Buy Polygon Crypto?

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The Polygon Crypto team hopes to create a decentralized economy where anyone can contribute financially, in kind, or via labor. The platform is built on the idea that one’s worldview should expand via philanthropy.

Before you decide if you should or where to buy Polygon Crypto tokens as an investment, please be sure you fully understand the risks associated and do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Purchasing tokens as a member of an accredited investor group and/or a registered US-based entity may entitle you to special exemptions that others do not have access to; always perform your independent research and seek professional advice before making any investment decision.

Advantages of Polygon Crypto:

  1. It’s the first self-sustainable blockchain that has been built for philanthropy – the first of its kind.
  2. The platform will provide everyone on Earth with direct access and participation in philanthropy. This will allow donors to directly channel their efforts into meaningful causes based on their values, interests and backgrounds, without others having to give approval or consent.
  3. When donors contribute time, skills or resources through Polygon Crypto, these contributions can instantly be directed toward a project of their choice. Likewise, these contributors will be able to choose where they want to allocate the funds used to purchase POLY tokens in real time.
  4. It is a platform who involve in philanthropy and donation. The Polygon Crypto team hopes to create an open-source decentralized economy. Hence, anyone can contribute financially, in kind, or via labor.
  5. The ecosystem will launch with a library of projects that are practical and have real world applications. It will build off of that foundation while also adding new initiatives on top of it on an ongoing basis.

Background Information:

Polygon Group is the parent company of Polygon Crypto. In terms of capitalization, it ranks among the world’s largest business conglomerates, having over USD$550 billion in assets under its control. Polygon Group’s financial and global interests stretch across multiple industries and include diverse areas like automotive, aerospace, media, and software. Polygon is publicly traded on the NYSE.

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The Group also operates its own philanthropic organization called Polygon United Nations Foundation (PUNF). The foundation implements more than 25 years of experience and works with local communities in the most underserved corners of the world to achieve sustainable development goals.

In 2016, Polygon donated USD$20 million to UNICEF to support children affected by polio. Polio is a disease that remains endemic in six countries in South Asia. Polio immunizations received a vast share of this money. Additionally, it supported the training of health workers in polio eradication, and help rebuild the polio supply chain.

In 2018, Polygon donated US$10 million to the United Nations Association for Indonesia (UNAN) with the goal of helping local communities meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The donations will go to programs that develop skills, improve infrastructure, foster community development and provide better access to education for women and young people in Indonesia.

Token Information:

Polygon crypto trader

Polygon Crypto (POLY) is an ERC-20-compliant token that fuels transactions within the Polygon Platform. It is minted on a 1:1 basis with Ethereum (ETH). POLY allows any user to execute operations inside Polygon Crypto using their own Ethereum wallets.

The main purpose of POLY is to be used as a method of payment inside the platform. As such, it intends to become the central hub for charitable giving and philanthropic activities, and build a global community around them.

POLY tokens are intended to be used by the following:

  • Individuals who want to make donations
  • Grantees who want to promote projects and causes they have selected
  • Businesses who want to raise funds for social good initiatives


Polygon Crypto is a philanthropy-focused blockchain operating on a decentralized platform. Similarly, Polygon Crypto hopes to create a new economy for the world. The idea behind it is that it can provide everyone on Earth with direct access and participation in philanthropy.

The platform already has funding from Polygon Group, a multi-billion dollar company. The team also has experience working with the United Nations.

Share with us in the comments below which charity you have chosen to support through Polygon Crypto.

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