Best Crypto Staking Coins

Cryptocurrency staking and crypto staking is a method of earning money that relies on the blockchain which provides many advantages. Among them many advantages, it can help any cryptocurrency to earn interest. When we refer to staking we are talking about asset investment or crypto-project investment. It offers the potential of increasing the value of your cryptocurrency. Therefore, if you have an interest in earning interest, earning passive income, or something else, then you should try reading this article to discover how to choose among the best crypto-staking coins available. 

Top 8 Best Crypto Staking Coins for Maximum Yield

1. NAV Coin [NAV]

NAV Coin is a multipurpose cryptocurrency for global payments, remittances, and currency exchange. NavCoin is from the Bitcoin Core by modifying the code, to meet international anti-money laundering regulations, improve privacy and add new features. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, NAV Coin is based on a technology called Dacoin at the heart of its infrastructure. As such, Dacoin’s technology provides a one-second block time and makes it possible to protect assets through its open-source structure.


PIVX is an open-source cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin Core and has several improvements over Bitcoin. The PIVX coin rewards all the traders, who help keep the network safe. As a result, its users can give them a loan to help with their business expenses and effectively receive interest in return. It also provides several advanced functions such as private transactions, instant transactions, and decentralized governance. PIVX is one of the best Crypto Staking Coins according to Crypto Experts.

3. NEM [XEM]

NEM is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that runs without the need for a financial intermediary. Any entity can act as a node and receive NEM for their resources, helping improve the network. NEM is based on blockchain technology but does not have its own blockchain – instead, it uses its currency, XEM. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NEM uses a Proof of Importance (PoI) algorithm to determine who gets to add data to the blockchain.

4. Tezos [XTZ]

Tezos uses a protocol for decentralized applications built on the back of the Ethereum blockchain. The design of the Tezos coin allows for formal verification. This verification is a rigorous way to confirm that smart contracts written in solidity adhere to the same rules as software running in the real world. Consequently, its protocol provides a set of new tools coupled with an improved version of Ethereum and Turing’s complete language Solidity.

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5. BitcoinCash [BCH]

Bitcoin Cash is one of the most important forks of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency and electronic payment system combined. Bitcoin Cash was created in August 2017 as an alternative to Bitcoin with a larger block size. However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash uses its own blockchain technology. This technology is used for multiple purposes and does not need to be mined. Users of Bitcoin Cash must complete a transaction within the network using their wallet client provided by the network. Furthermore, you can view all Bitcoin Cash transactions on the public record that is viewable on its blockchain.

6. Cardano [ADA]

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and a cryptocurrency designed to make smart contracts more secure. The Cardano Coin was launched in the first quarter of 2019. The Development team set Cardano to scale to 100,000 transactions per second. Additionally, the Cardano blockchain is fully deterministic. Consequently, you can rely on the Cardano blockchain to produce consistent results. Cardano was launched by a company called Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) based in Japan, along with an engineering company called EMURGO which is registered in Switzerland.

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7. Pundi X [NPXS]

PundiX is a cryptocurrency that allows payments using the legacy contactless payment terminals in smartphones and the Pundi-Pundi app. Pundi X stands out as a cryptocurrency for fiat and blockchain-power payment systems which are built on its blockchain platform. Accordingly, the platform helps to buy products via cryptocurrencies or from stores locally, at home, and abroad.

8. Ethereum [ETH]

Ethereum is an open-source decentralized software platform that helps with blockchain technology. Notably, Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency token. It is also a programming platform that allows developers to create and deploy applications inside the Ethereum network. Particularly, users can develop smart contracts entirely in the programming language Solidity. These features make it possible for new decentralization apps to be built on the Ethereum network. It helps to develop applications such as social networks, games, or financial transactions.

Best Crypto Funds for Crypto Staking

Staking Coins

1. HOLDVEST is the first cryptocurrency exchange to feature staking and a digital assets management platform. It aims to be a one-stop shop for the long-term holder who wants to seamlessly invest in both crypto and fiat assets without fees. Most importantly, this allows investors to gain from the returns of both markets.

2. Similarly, Belgian company Kleros aims to provide a decentralized dispute resolution system as well as a marketplace for arbitration services. These services are useful for e-commerce websites, insurance companies, or even self-driving car manufacturers.

3. British startup CoinMetro is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange featuring recurring monthly payments and a network of arbitration partners to resolve disputes. They plan to become the first listed exchange backed by an FCA-regulated bank.

4. Additionally, speaking of regulated exchanges, Uphold allows you to hold any digital currency in your digital wallet and seamlessly convert between different cryptocurrencies. The list of available currencies includes an impressive roster of altcoins offered at a 1% conversion fee.

Crypto Staking Coins

5. Finally, there are the stablecoins, Tether (backed by fiat currency), DAI (backed by Ethereum), and numerous other staking coins. Without a doubt, these are the best crypto-staking coins to hedge against volatility in the market and profit from price gains.


Obviously, the cryptocurrency world is changing at a fast pace, with an increasing number of options for investors. As a result, today’s beginner investors should be selective and informed about the cryptocurrencies to be chosen and invested in. Particularly, staking the best crypto funds is a unique way to both invest in crypto and gain profits, as well as indirectly benefit from security deposits.

So, it’s important that investors make the right choice of coins, and research the company behind them. As you might have seen, this article listed some of the best funds in 2022 for staking. Let us know in the comments below which staking crypto coins you are most interested in.


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