Best free crypto wallets
Best free crypto wallets

In this report we will compare some of the world’s best free crypto wallets. We will investigate what wallets offer and the features they possess to help people make a decision on which wallet suits them best. we will also consider privacy, data security and personal data protection, and the ownership and control of your crypto. read on.

There are many types of wallets and it can be a daunting task to figure out the best one for you. But we will help you make that decision step by step.

Types of Crypto Wallets

  • Desktop Crypto Wallets
  • Online Crypto Wallets (cloud-based)
  • Mobile Crypto Wallets
  • Hardware Crypto Wallets

Desktop Crypto Wallets

A desktop wallet is a software program that stores the private keys of a user and interacts with the network. It’s like your own personal bank account where your digital currency is.

Desktop Wallets are very secure and are a great choice for beginners. They have an obvious advantage in that you need to download and trust the software before you can use it, so it’s good to test or check the source code before trusting the wallet. Many desktop wallets are multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Pros For Desktop Wallets

  • Take control of your private keys
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation process IOS, 

Cons For Desktop Wallets

  • You have to trust the software with your privacy and control of your currency. 
  • The software can contain bugs that can cause loss of funds, Passwords, or worse. 
  • The software can fall into disrepair and become obsolete.

Some of the Best Desktop Wallets.

  • Trezor.
  • Ledger.
  • Atomic Wallet.
  • Electrum Bitcoin Wallet.

Online Crypto Wallets (Cloud-Based)

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Online crypto wallets work from servers and they are more accessible to the public. They are very secure, but they are prone to password leaks. The wallet is a digital bank account that you manage on the web.

Privacy is the greatest benefit you can get from these types of wallets and they provide it while allowing you to control your private keys. The great thing about online wallets is that they are very secure. They are accessible from all over the world, and that makes them easy to use. These types of wallets can be very convenient.

Pros for Online Crypto Wallets

  • Easy to use Convenience and support for mobile devices
  • Great for privacy control of funds and passwords 
  • Ease of access from anywhere. 

Cons for Online Crypto Wallets

  • Not as secure as Desktop Wallets, if the service goes out of business you may be have to restore or recover the wallet. 
  • You cannot control the software if they it damages and it can sometimes be difficult to use.

Some of the Best Online Crypto Wallets.

  • Coinbase Wallet.
  • Metamask.
  • ZenGo.
  • Exodus.
  • Trust Wallet.

Mobile Crypto Wallet (Website)

Mobile Crypto Wallets are more reliable and accessible to the public than online wallets. They are very secure, but they are based on HTML5 and Javascript, so you would need to execute javascript code, which can be hard to understand for beginners. We recommend you use a Desktop wallet if you don’t know what the script is.

Privacy is the greatest benefit you can get from these types of wallets and they provide it while allowing you to control your private keys. Mobile wallets are more popular than they used to be and they are very easy to use.

Best free crypto wallets

Pros for Mobile Wallets

  • Very fast, convenient, and accessible. Very easy to use.
  • Allows you Easy access from anywhere around the world (Android & iOS)

Cons for Mobile Wallets

  • Not as secure as Desktop Wallets, if the service goes out of business you may be forced to restore or recover the wallet 
  • You cannot control the software if they get hacked and many times, it has a poor user experience.

Some Of The Best Mobile Crypto Wallets.

  • Exodus
  • Rainbow.
  • Trust Wallet.
  • MetaMask.

Hardware Crypto Wallet

Hardware Wallets are physical devices that can be plugged into your computer. This is an indestructible wallet. You will be able to store your private keys securely in the device and it will never obsolete. Hardware wallets are a device specifically designed to secure your coins, you can think of them as your portable bank vault. This is a very secure way to store your private keys, you will never lose control of your funds.

The advantage of hardware wallets is that they are extremely secure and safe from hackers, no matter how smart they become. As hardware wallets are physical devices, they are safe from remote hacks. Hardware wallets also give you full control over your funds, as they don’t rely on a computer like a software wallet.

Pros for Hardware Wallets

  • A physical device that can be stored safely in a safe place. 
  • Private keys are stored offline and wallets are controlled by an OLED display and buttons.
  • You can store your funds in a very secure and indestructible way.

Cons of Hardware Wallets

  • Hardware wallets are usually expensive and hard to install.
  • You can lose entire data if a hardware wallet malfunctions.

Paper Crypto Wallet

Paper Wallets are a very old method of storing Cryptocurrencies, they were first developed more than 10 years ago and have been used by many people. These wallets are just pieces of paper with private keys written on them as well as QR codes for you to send money to other people’s wallets. However, they are extremely insecure because they are very easy to lose or destroy.

Paper wallets have been replaced by more modern methods. but still, some people use paper wallets.

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Pros of Paper Wallets

  • It’s a very old method of storing Cryptocurrencies.
  • You can create a paper wallet to store your funds. 

Cons for Paper Wallets

  • Paper Wallet is very insecure because they can be easily lost or destroyed. 
  • You will not be able to receive any funds from the person you sent it directly from if you lose the private key on the paper wallet sheet.


Choosing the right Crypto Wallet is a complex process and you should consider all the factors we mentioned before making your decision. While you may be looking for the best free crypto wallets, free may not always be best.

If you are looking for a way to securely store your coins, in an offline environment, the hardware wallet is the best option. But if you’re looking for a more accessible option or any other wallet type, we would suggest using a desktop wallet or a Cloud wallet (online).

The most important factors when choosing the right wallet for you are your security and how secure your wallet is. So, if you don’t want to take any chances with online crypto wallets or mobile crypto wallets, it would be best to use a desktop or hardware wallet.

Finally, what type of Crypto Wallets are the best? Desktop wallets are better if you want to be in control of your private keys and it’s the most secure way to store and manage them from various devices.

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