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Best Performing Crypto Coins

A common recurring question is, “What is the best-performing crypto coin looking forward through 2023?”

The crypto market has become so busy that picking a single coin can be nearly impossible. Thus, I have created this article to give you a long-term performance overview of 10 coins going back to 2012. Now you can use it to pick out which coins are positioned for growth or which are struggling. From there, you can buy them on Coinbase or Binance and hope to get a return for their success! Know more here about the best-performing cryptocurrencies.

Best performing Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin: Largest cryptocurrency with a $420 Billion market cap that saw an enormous increase in price during 2017. Bitcoin’s price almost doubled after the cryptocurrency split, with Bitcoin Cash getting an additional $1 Billion increase in market cap. Over the year 2022 Bitcoin saw a major price correction. However, Experts are optimistic about the bullish future of Bitcoin.

Ethereum: Best-performing Cryptocurrency #1

Vitalik Buterin, a 17-year-old Canadian programmer involved in Bitcoin who also co-founded the Bitcoin Magazine. He envisioned a platform beyond the financial use cases that Bitcoin allowed. It would allow programmable apps and not be limited only by peer-to-peer electronic cash transfers.

In January 2014, Vitalik Buterin formally introduced the Ethereum blockchain platform at The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida, USA. The platform’s ability to trade more than just cryptocurrency was the key differentiating factor between Bitcoin and its predecessor, the Ethereum digital token.

In 2021 the price of Ethereum crossed $4000.  While Bitcoin remains the most popular crypto coin Ethereum continues to rise in popularity until now in late 2022 Ethereum makes up over 20% of the cryptocurrency market.

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BitcoinCash: Best performing Cryptocurrency #2

Over the period of 2016-2017, for a variety of reasons, bitcoin became ever increasingly expensive and unreliable.  As a result, on August 1st, 2017 Bitcoin Cash was born!

Because of Bitcoin’s usability problems, Bitcoins’ market dominance fell from 95% to nearly 40%.  With the birth of Bitcoin Cash merchants and consumers alike can send money, anywhere and to anyone in the world 24/7/365 almost for free.

Bitcoin Cash boasts more anonymity and privacy than traditional banking systems or credit card payments.  Consequently, it has been steadily gaining in popularity.

Monero [XMR]: Best-performing Cryptocurrency #3

It’s impossible to track someone using the Monero blockchain because it’s protected by its core architecture. The architecture is based on using ring signatures and stealth addresses. All users in the ring are equal, so the original sender doesn’t matter.

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A stealth address is designed for one-time use, in a similar way to the original Satoshi Nakamoto code.  The result is one of the most secure financial solutions on the blockchain.

You can hold XMR in your wallet but also use them to make deposits and loans backed by Monero.  Many Monero owners simply hold it and earn interest.  When you deposit your XMR and get fiat money in exchange for a loan on platforms such as Coinbase. In addition, you can receive interest on not only XMR but many other assets backed by the Monero network.

Litecoin: Best-performing Cryptocurrency #4

Standing tall as the fourth largest cryptocurrency, Litecon boasts a market cap of almost $5 Billion. Litecoin was created in 2011 by Charlie Lee, who was a programmer at Google. It was a Bitcoin fork, but with a few key differences and improvements. Litecoin’s block generation time is four times faster than Bitcoin’s – instead of 10 minutes, it takes only 2.5 minutes per block.

Litecoin was one of the first Bitcoin forks. Miners quickly popularized it because they could mine it on their personal computers and laptops.

Litecoin is popularly known as the silver coin to Bitcoin’s gold and is considered by many as the second-best cryptocurrency. Litecoin has a reputation as smarter, cheaper, and faster. The Litecoin network has a market cap of 84 million which is four times more as compared to Bitcoin Network.

Ripple: Best-performing Cryptocurrency #5

Ripple was founded in 2012 and was one of the earliest pioneers in the blockchain space, only behind Bitcoin. The company behind Ripple and its native cryptocurrency token XRP had been around since 2012. Today, Ripple is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms by market capitalization.

The network was designed to be faster, cheaper, and more scalable than Bitcoin, and has been dubbed the world’s first peer-to-peer currency.

The XRP token is a digital coin that can only be traded on the Bitcoin network, and its use case is very much tailored to the needs of banks and other financial institutions. There is no mining of XRP, and all transactions on the XRP network are recorded on a centralized chain using the Bitcoin blockchain.

The Ripple coin is among the leading payment cryptocurrencies and stands out in the top 10 cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization.

NEO: Best-performing Cryptocurrency #6

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NEO has been touted as china’s counter to Ethereum.  Both NEO and Ethereum take advantage of their unique blockchain protocols to improve the Bitcoin Blockchain.  However, the NEO creators boast that they have made improvements over Ethereum’s network.

NEO builds on the design of the Ethereum blockchain to create what they claim is the economy of the future.  Both NEO and Ethereum attempt to solve the problem of trust through what is known as smart contracts.

When you wish to make an exchange, you first digitize your assets by turning them into NEO.  Then you create a smart contract that is stored on the decentralized blockchain.  Then and only then is the trade executed, according to the precise specifications of the contract.  This smart contract system forces both parties of the transaction to hold up their end of the agreement.

Aside from some concerns regarding possible vulnerabilities to Chinese government regulation, experts take a highly positive view of NEO’s future.

EOS: Cryptocurrency #7

EOS had a great start and at one time was an undeniably excellent project.  At its zenith, it managed to reach the top three highest caps of digital assists.  However, their SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) violation cost the project a $24 million fine.  Since that time the popularity of the coin continues to decline.

While there are opportunities with EOS yet they should only be considered after careful evaluation.  At this time we would recommend any trading of EOS to be considered High risk.

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Tron [TRX]: Cryptocurrency #8

Tron is a decentralized blockchain platform that provides for the finance and entertainment-related services industry.

One of the main goals of the Tron developers was to make an easy-to-use network that would operate at minimal costs.  The commissions for a single transaction on the Tron platform are nowhere near the current Ethereum gas price.

Thanks to Tron developer’s vision, you can use several mobile apps and gain rewards with crypto tips, rent bikes, etc.  There seems to be a close association forming with CryptoKitties and Pet Planet.  As these strategic partnerships take form, you will likely see opportunities for great profit-making!

Cardano: Cryptocurrency #9

Three independent entities govern the Cardano project: the Cardano Foundation, OHK, and Emburgo.

Smart contracts were not a known technology in the first four years of the platform’s life. This led to much criticism of the governing organizations. Eventually, the introduction of the smart contract functionality on Cardano’s public blockchain came in recently with the Alonzo fork.

The Cardano project has unquestionably been a success despite the delay in the release of key features. After the release of smart contract support, it will become clearer whether or not there will be a migration of DeFi apps and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to Cardano.

Cardano’s governing organizations have numerous relationships and collaborations with universities around the world. This gives them both a scientific value to the platform innovations as well as an aura of greater seriousness and reliability.

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Tether: Cryptocurrency #10

In 2014 the stablecoin Tether entered into circulation as a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with roots in the USA.  Tether has made massive gains till it is now the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap.  Additionally, it is touted by some as the world’s largest stablecoin!

Tether is a peer-to-peer blockchain payment system on an open-source platform.  The Tether blockchain has multiple data storage locations giving it protection from being overtaken by a single entity.

As a stablecoin Tether has less volatility than many popular cryptocurrencies.  What this means for the trader is that you probably will not see windfall profits.  However, traders do find holding stablecoins like Tether to provide stability and security.


Many people ask questions like “What is the best-performing crypto today” or “Where can I buy the best-performing crypto today?” When answering these questions, it’s important to remember that blockchain technology is still in its infancy. Therefore, performance and market cap are not always correlated with price.

While Bitcoin continues to be a high performer on a daily basis, it’s very unlikely to double your bitcoin value in the next year. That being said, there is no way to know what the future will bring. With the information of this article, you can at least gauge which coins are looking good or which are struggling and make educated decisions accordingly. If a coin is performing well and is in the news often – it might just be worth investing in. If you want to learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, I recommend reading some of my other articles such as “What is the blockchain?”

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