BitBoy Crypto
BitBoy Crypto

Bitboy Crypto aka Ben Armstrong is a crypto millionaire. He is one of a new breed of multi-millionaires and billionaires who have reaped the profits from cryptocurrency trading, rather than through traditional business activities. 

Read on as we discuss his strategies, net worth, and Future Plans.

BitBoy has become one of the most successful people in the crypto sector. The BitBoy Crypto channel on Youtube has over a Million Subscribers. In addition, his total subscribers on social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram are 10 Million combined. On his Youtube Channel, you will find a variety of informational topics such as:

Bitboy Crypto on Youtube

Bitboy became famous on youtube by being consistent about the crypto niche and explaining the market clearly and giving people genuine tips on Cryptocurrency. In his channel, he explained in more than 100 videos.

Bitboy Crypto came to the limelight when he started a youtube channel in 2017 and began talking about cryptocurrency. After that, he started investing in cryptocurrency and become one of the first crypto millionaires through trading the crypto market. He has been able to fund his luxurious life with the money he makes from trading cryptocurrencies.

Currently, he is planning to start multiple global web 3.0 projects. His goal is to use blockchain technology to solve major problems in finance, data security, and the cyber sector. His project is funded by many retail and institutional investors with plans to launch his projects in the first quarter of 2024.

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BitBoy Crypto Net Worth

BitBoy Crypto was founded by Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy Crypto. He started posting his videos in 2017 and gained momentum sometime in 2019. Now he has a net worth of $25 million and a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers. He has been able to generate so much revenue due to his vast internet traffic across the world.  There is no solid source for BitBoy’s Crypto Net Worth but many sources claim that he is worth anywhere between 25 to 30 Million USD as of 2022 last quarter.

His videos give viewers updates on the cryptocurrency industry, analysts’ predictions regarding Bitcoin, Dogecoin price updates, etc. He also shares his thoughts regarding the market valuation of cryptocurrencies and gives predictions on their future value. This adds a lot of value to his personal brand.

In addition to his videos he also has multiple merch stores.

Bitboy also has developed multiple partnerships. I have listed some of the partnerships below:

BitBoy Crypto Future Plans.

BitBoy Coin

In 2018 Bitboy started to create its own cryptocurrency – Bitboy Coin (BCO). He used this platform to give cryptocurrency traders the opportunity to profit from shorting BTC on the BitBoy crypto market. His aim was not only to cash in on shorting of cryptocurrencies but also to create a platform for the trading community with high liquidity.

BitBoy Crypto is planning to broaden the scope of BCO by creating a decentralized exchange market. Trading with Bitboy Crypto is projected to be much easier than most tokens. The project is creating a wallet that would allow people to carry out transactions and payments and purchase any cryptocurrency without any hassle.

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BitBoy Future Projects

BitBoy is also planning an e-commerce portal that would operate on the same technology as the BitBoy Crypto Exchange. They will issue prepaid debit cards that can be used to make online purchases using cryptocurrencies. These cards would be identical to other prepaid debit cards issued by banks.

Bitboy Crypto also plans to launch its own ICO (Inicial Crypto Ofering) that will provide more exposure for the BitBoy Coin (BITBOY) and would allow the user to trade cryptocurrencies for BITBOY tokens.

BitBoy Crypto has a website that focuses on the latest trends in web 3, crypto, Blockchain, NFT, and other related topics. This website gets millions of crypto audiences looking for the latest news and updates. The Batboy website is also a source of income for the entire Bitboy Firm or Company. Through the website, they bring in tons of revenue from Advertisements, brand sponsorship, Merchandise sale, ICO launch, and many more.

Bitboy career and achievements.

There is no concrete source for Bitboy’s early life. But according to his social media accounts, it was certainly not colorful or bright. He had a mediocre corporate job and settled for a life filled with unrest due to a high-stress work environment. He decided to start a video blog on YouTube and started posting his videos in 2017.

His videos gave him a lot of attention across multiple social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. Ben Armstrong began to see a new life under the new sudoe name, Batboy Crypto! From then on BitBoy kept publishing the videos and started receiving millions of views on YouTube.

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BitBoy Youtube Career

BitBoy crypto is one of the top Crypto YouTubers today as his videos have millions of views across multiple platforms every week. He receives invitations to many global conferences and is seen as an absolute expert in the crypto niche. However, some are questioning his crypto forecasting abilities of late. He also helps many web 3 startups with his knowledge and experience.

BitBoy has many businesses (merchandise stores, websites, etc) that help him to support the youtube channel and cryptocurrency investments. he is also one of the top-selling merchandise in the cryptocurrency niche. He provides a lot of value to his views by giving good content analysis and bringing awareness about the latest trends and technology in the digital world.

BitBoy crypto Coin Utility, Price and Predictions

Bitboy Crypto coin has a good utility as it offers high liquidity as compared to other utility coins. The currency is designed for use on the Bitboy Crypto exchange and offers users a wide range of options for make payments with cryptocurrency. This digital currency can also used for buying merchandise from different merchant stores. The coin is highly liquid, which means it has a very high volume of transactions. This makes the currency great for trading as well.

BitBoy forecasts regarding its future value are also good. As thousands of investors keep the BitBoy Coin in their portfolio this makes the coin’s value increase with time. The Bitboy Coin (BCO) has good liquidity on the Blockchain and uses good technology as compared to other coins in the market. This makes it very reliable and easy to use by anyone. BitBoy is also working hand-in-hand with many big tech brands and is releasing new products soon.


Bit boy Crypto or Ben Armstrong, is a Crypto Youtuber, Investor, Expert, and consultant. he has made a very good and successful career in crypto-related work. He provides a lot of value to his followers through blogging and by interviewing people related to crypto. He is one of the top YouTubers in the cryptocurrency niche and has millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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