Cobo Tablet Review: What Everyone Ought to know about Cobo Tablet
Cobo Tablet Review: What Everyone Ought to know about Cobo Tablet - img

Digital assets are usually secured in a digital space. However, the increase in hacking activities and potential vulnerabilities has paved the way to securing digital investments by employing non-digital solutions. Cobo Tablet is one of the best solutions to secure your investment. Therefore, we have done a complete cobo tablet review. So, let’s dive straight into the topic and understand it.

What is a Cobo Tablet and why do you need it?

Cobo’s Tablet is a reliable and long-lasting offline mnemonic seed phrase protection device. It can resist pressure, acid, and even fire thanks to its unique design and durable materials. Once, you save your key phrase in the cobo tablet, you can place it in your locker or any secure place!

You need Cobo Tablet because it keeps your seed phrase safe. Since, hacking has become quite common, keeping your assets safe is always the right thing to do. This Cobo tablet is perfect for keeping private keys safe from hackers. Without this, it is often difficult to keep your assets safe, which is necessary when it comes to investing in crypto.

A Quick Overview of Cobo: The Company behind Cobo Tablet!

Cobo is a Chinese startup that offers consumers and programmers decentralized application programming interfaces (dAPPs) wallet and network services for a wide range of digital assets.

Additionally, they offer custody services, including joint custody, user-controlled custody, and user-controlled joint custody, to both regular individuals and organizations. Moreover, they manufacture Cobo tablets. Now, let’s jump straight into cobo tablet review.

Cobo Tablet Review: What Everyone Ought to know about Cobo Tablet - wealthy

What comes in the box of Cobo Tablet?

The Cobo Tablet comes in a safe envelope that is placed in a black cardboard box. It is packaged with a unique UPC code since it is sourced from China. In addition, there are a few branded tape strips of varying lengths included in the package. It indicates whether or not the device has been opened once it has been set up.

The Cobo steel tablet is immediately visible as the package is opened. It consists of four steel sheets with the alphabet printed on them. The package also includes a screwdriver, additional screws, directions, coupons, and stickers. Cobo tablet review will never be complete without pros and cons, so let’s review the pros and cons!

Pros and Cons of The Cobo Tablet

The Cobo Tablet has both pros and cons, so let’s understand both!

·         Pros of Cobo Tablet

The biggest advantage of the Cobo Tablet is that is relatively cheaper and virtually indestructible. Moreover, you can easily store it for an indefinite period without worrying that it’ll be damaged. Last but not the least, its sleek and simple design makes it popular too.

·         Cons of Cobo Tablet

The disadvantage of the tablet is that it is not very advanced and there are no electronics. Other than this, you’ll need a new Cobo Tablet for every wallet. Doesn’t seem like the most budget-friendly choice. Lastly, it takes a lot of time to set up which can be annoying too.

How to set up Cobo Tablet?

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The Cobo Tablet is only a sleek metal plate that can be used to secure the seed phrase. Since Cobo’s letters are also constructed of metal, consumers may rest certain that their investment will endure even the most catastrophic of fires.

Putting your seed phrase into the tablet is a breeze. To get access to the chassis, just remove the screws and slide the backplate to one side.

The next step is to rearrange the letters into their correct positions inside the words. There are up to four letters that may be used as seed words in each word “slot.” This makes sense when you realize that the first four letters of any BIP39 seed phrase may stand in for the complete word.

You just need to enter the first four letters of the longer-term into the seed field for it to operate during a recovery.

Simply use the back of a letter as a spacer if your term has less than three letters. As an additional point, the b and q letter blocks are interchangeable. The same holds true for the letters d and p, and n and u.

How to use Cobo Tablet with safety?

To begin the process of configuring the Cobo Tablet, you will first need to remove three screws from each corner of the device using the screwdriver that was included in the packaging.

After you have completed this step, you will be able to choose the arrangement of the phrases that you want to guarantee, because the Cobo tablet consists of two distinct tablets, there is room for a total of up to 24 words on the device.

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Cobo Tablet makes it easy to keep our crypto seeds safe. The tablet’s cover must be opened first by sliding it open. Then, using the screwdriver, loosen the corners of one of the two plates. To see the bare slots, the covering can be lifted. The seed tiles are made up of letters which then go here.

Durability of Cobo Tablet

The tablet is constructed out of military-grade 304 stainless steel, which, according to Cobo, is fireproof up to 2651 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is far higher than the typical temperature of a home fire, which is 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even while this is presumably more than adequate, certain product testing showed that the tablet began to fail at a temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Customer Support of Cobo Tablet

If you have any issues related to the device that are not answered in this cobo tablet review, you can always contact Cobo Tablet customer support. The team of highly professional staff members is always there to solve your queries and problems. Moreover, you can also contact them through email and drop your issues there.

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In conclusion, in this era of technological advancement, new devices and software are launched every day. However, Cobo Tablet is one such product that has turned out to be quite popular over the past few years.

The device has tons of features, and the good thing is that it is affordable and easy to use. Moreover, the benefits of the tablet outweigh the expense of it. Therefore it is a wise investment. So, if you are impressed by the function, security, and price, simply go for the amazing Cobo Tablet, you will never have to compromise your security!

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