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November 16, 2022
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How To Access Metaverse
How To Access Metaverse

Several well known CEOs in the Tech industries have already talked about the Metaverse being the future of the internet, including Satya Nadella and Mark Zuckerberg. Despite this, many people still need clarification about what it is. Does it look like a video game? There is no easy answer to this question!

Since Facebook announced its plan to rebrand itself to Meta and focus on the upcoming Metaverse a couple of months ago. Despite its use in the past, the term has yet to shed any light on its meaning. However, it is widely known that Meta is building a VR social platform.

Since it’s not an actual technology, it’s difficult to define the metaverse. Metaverse refers to the way we interact with technology in the future. We will inevitably change the meaning of this new cyber realm as we explore and develop it.

As you’ve gained a brief understanding of everything, some may wonder how you can access the Metaverse.

How to Access the Metaverse?

There is no doubt that there is much more to learn about the Metaverse, but you can still get a taste of what’s to come just by jumping in. Many companies have developed variations of “metaverse” environments built around cryptocurrencies, global communities, and blockchain technologies.

However, you need help with some things when accessing the Metaverse. You can use many different platforms to access the Metaverse. However, it would help if you kept in mind that these platforms are not the only way to access the digital world. Having said that, we will explore the most popular below.

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Decentraland is one of the more popular Metaverse environments today. Across the world a wide demographic of users are captivated by decentraland’s virtual worlds. As well as artwork, virtual properties, and NFTs, you can also build, buy, and sell them within decentralized.

Users can create their very own avatars on the platform, a browser-based 3D virtual world platform, to access the Metaverse. This way, you can gain entry to the Metaverse subtly. You can build avatars on Decentraland’s website by anyone who wishes.

Additionally, users must install a meta mask browser extension on their devices to fully access the Decentraland metaverse. You can access the metaverse realm and purchase land if you wish by linking it. 


Developed by Meta, Horizon Worlds is an online video game that utilizes virtual reality and was built for the Oculus Rift. Horizon Worlds also allows users to engage in infinitely customizable online interactions with other users.

The Horizon Worlds program, Meta’s official entry into the Metaverse, allows users to connect and engage in various activities. The app allows users to travel to different locations, participate in various activities with other users, or relax and enjoy the experience. 

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In essence, the Sandbox is a community-driven platform allowing creators to monetize blockchain assets and their voxel gaming experiences. Players can change the terrain and organization independently as they interact in virtual environments. 

Furthermore, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) add yet another layer of complexity to the game. Play-2-Earn allows gamers to earn SAND tokens, utility tokens, and in-game currency. 


In the past few months, Cryptovoxels have gained tremendous popularity as an Ethereum blockchain-based virtual world. Similarly to The Sandbox and Decentraland Meteverses, Cryptovoxels’ virtual world is divided into parcels of land that players can purchase. You can build whatever you desire since the land is also an NFT. Planet Origin consists of a city called Origin City, which has streets owned by The Corporation and parcels owned by individuals. As long as users have an Ethereum wallet, they can purchase parcels on the platform.

Some of you may be interested in knowing exactly what steps are involved in accessing Metaverse through these platforms. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Accessing the Metaverse

  • Metaverse can be accessed in your browser by going to meta dot IO. You will be prompted to create an account here. After logging in, you can access your dashboard by clicking the get started button.
  • You’ll have access to your dashboard to see all the ones you have created or have copies of. As a starting point, you’ll have to search for some meta verses that have already been created. You will find good opportunities to participate in and look at the most popular category.
  • Most educated educators currently use this site for review reflection and even some breakout EDU sessions. You should search for those words. When you find one that you think looks promising or interesting, you can click on it.
  • If you want to play the meta verse and participate in it, you can access it here. It will be necessary for you to download the meta verse app on your device. You will be prompted to scan a code at the app’s top.
  • After scanning your code, a play button will appear on your screen. If you like it, you can favorite it by following the prompts in the Metaverse. You can find it later if you save it to your account. You can share that with others so they can play it as well. You can get a link or QR code by clicking the share button.
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Based on what you have read, you now have a fair idea of how Metaverse works and how you can access it. In addition, you can now decide whether or not you wish to try it!


Final Words

Metaverse access varies from platform to platform. You can enter a gGaming metaverses as a guest user with just a computer or smartphone, but you’ll need a Windows PC and a crypto wallet to participate fully. Other platforms require augmented reality glasses or virtual reality headsets.

The performance of your Windows computer may need to be improved even if it is optimized for gaming. For some metaverses, an average computer cannot handle the processing power required by a platform hosting millions of users. To make the Metaverse more accessible, companies are developing technology like smart glasses.

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