How to Buy Blue Moon Crypto
How to Buy Blue Moon Crypto

This article will go through the process of how to Buy Blue Moon Crypto with Bitcoin. Firstly, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. (There are many options out there, such as or our #1 recommendation CoinBase). Once you have a Bitcoin wallet set up, go to Cryptopia and click on Markets > BTC Markets > Sell/Buy tab to find the buy/sell trade pair for Bitcoins and Moon Coin (MOON). In order to purchase MOONs with your Bitcoins.

Steps To Follow to How to Buy Blue Moon Crypto?

-Click on Buy MOONs using BTC in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

-Fill in the form and choose your payment method. I can only personally recommend depositing into your own Cryptopia account via the exchange, as you will receive a higher MOON rate for your deposit. (I currently receive a 0% fee when depositing $1000 USD, so you can lower that fee to 0% by using Cryptopia). (To do this, click on ‘Deposit’ under the left-hand side of the screen.)

-Press the “Buy Blue Moon Crypto?’ button.

-You will see some welcoming or signing up screens (or something similar):

-The first page is the confirmation page, which shows your deposit and how many MOONs you just purchased. When you click on ‘Cancel Sale’ to go back to the previous confirmation screen, it will give you a message stating that: “You already own 0.00174908 BTC of Mooncoin at this time”. This is true; Cryptopia does run a 0% fee for depositing funds into your account.

Confirmation Page for Purchasing Blue Moon

-The second page is a confirmation page, which shows the MOONs you just purchased. This will ask you to ‘Confirm Withdrawal’ to send funds out of your Cryptopia account.

-The third page is NOT a confirmation page, but instead, it is an ‘Updates’ page that allows you to cancel the purchase! If you click on ‘Cancel Sale’, it will give you the same message as before: “You already own 0.00174908 BTC of Mooncoin at this time”. (This allows you to keep the Bitcoins for another time).

Bluemoon crypto wealth

-If all went well and your coins have arrived in your account, it will say ‘Transaction Complete’.

You will then See the deposit screen. From here, input the amount of USD you would like to deposit into your Cryptopia account. (This usually seems to be in the semi-fiat format, a mix of USD and BTC currency).

-After that, you will need to choose your favorite MOON pairing. The most common pairing is BTC/MOON.

Next, you will see a Bitcoin transaction page. Input the amount of BTC that you would like to spend and click send (green button). You will then go to or with a confirmation page. Make sure you double-check the info on this page before sending, it in order to avoid mistakes (It is extremely simple at this point, however). By following these steps, you should have purchased MOONs for USD!

-Now that we have some bitcoin in our account, we can withdraw them back into our wallet. When you click on ‘Withdraw’, you will see a screen that looks like this:

Blue Moon Crypto

Withdrawal Process for Blue Moon Crypto.

When withdrawing, you must enter the address of your wallet, and the amount in BTC that you would like to withdraw. The fee for withdrawing is available here. The fee will be different depending on how much money you want to deposit. Once again, I can only really recommend using your own Cryptopia account to withdraw into your wallet. (If you go to the exchange tab and use any other exchange that has MOON pairing, it will be more expensive. I do not want to pay a $2.99 fee per withdrawal just to receive MOONs from the exchange).

blue moon cyrpto profit system

Once you click ‘Withdraw’, you will see a confirmation page, just like when we purchased MOONs from Cryptopia. You must check this page for mistakes as well before pressing withdrawal!

Afterward, you will be taken to another confirmation page that also shows your Bitcoin balance. Once again, double-check!

You will have a final look at the final confirmation screen with your Mooncoin balance and your Bitcoin balance.

When all of this is done and checked, you can smile knowing that you have successfully purchased and withdrawn MOONcoin! Well done.

Blue Moon Crypto

Payment List Or Transaction History for Blue Moon Crypto.

You will be prompted with a payment list. If you would like, you can choose to send MOONs from your Cryptopia account directly to a Bitcoin address (which is out of the scope of this article).

The next step is to send the funds to your Bitcoin wallet on allows you to send and receive Bitcoins via their website, as well as other graphical tools such as coin control and transaction history. To view these tools, click on ‘Tools’ in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, then select ‘Send Coins’.

The steps taken above will allow you to acquire MOONs from Cryptopia. Some of the steps may seem tedious at first, but after a while, they become rather simple. I’d like to expand on some of the steps in this process, to make things clearer and more understandable. These are not set-in-stone rules; there are plenty of other options available when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions, including mixing, which I hope to cover in a later article…

blue moon Trade Assistant


Given that Cryptopia is a really quick and simple way to get bitcoin and MOONs, I highly recommend using Cryptopia to buy MOONs with bitcoin; especially if you don’t have many bitcoins. If you are interested in buying MOONs, it would be best if you used Cryptopia’s BTC market. You could potentially find an even better price on the Mooncoin market, but if you were to use the BTC market as well, it would help offset the extra fees for depositing BTC into your account with Cryptopia.

Tell us about your Blue Moon journey in the comments below!

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