How to Buy Elongate Crypto
How to Buy Elongate Crypto

So, you want to buy the Elongate Crypto coin? We have tailored this article just for that intent. No matter where you are starting from whether you are a beginner or a veteran trader this article has something for you. Here we will cover how to buy Elongate Crypto step by step, one step at a time.  Let us walk together through the thick and thin so that we can lift the fog and find a clear pathway forward. So that by the end of this guide you will be able to buy Elongate Crypto. Or buy any other digital coin your heart desires, for that matter!

Why choose Cryptocurrencies over other traditional currencies?

Cryptocurrencies are diverse and independent. As such, they are free from government regulations unlike traditional currencies by a central authority such as a central bank.

Cryptocurrencies do not go through a third party like a bank. Therefore, the transaction fees are much lower than that of other payment methods such as credit and debit cards. The transaction fees will decrease in the following years since they are still relatively new.

(A more thorough explanation of how Blockchain technology works can be seen in this tutorial ).

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Elongate Crypto Background

Elongate Crypto in a similar way as Dogecoin was founded because of the popularity of a meme. In the case of Elongate Crypto, the meme was a tweet from Elon Musk. Musk tweeted “If there’s ever a scandal about me, *please* call it Elongate.”

The founders of Elongate Crypto have developed the coin with a plan to support the needs of its own community. The project has a system to donate the proceeds to several worthy causes. As of the time of this writing, the Elongate project has donated between 3 – 4 million dollars to needy causes.

Once you become a member of the community you will be able to vote weekly to nominate a charity. The project dedicates 60% of its proceeds to the chosen charity.

Many who purchase Elongate Crypto do so in an effort to not only make a profit but also benefit charity. The Elongate project’s plan is without a doubt a great humanitarian achievement.

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How to Buy Elongate Crypto

There are three ways how to buy Elongate Crypto cryptocurrency.

  • Through an exchange
  • Through a broker
  • Local Bitcoin ATM.

We will cover all three options in detail below.

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How to Buy Elongate Crypto through an Exchange

The easiest way to start is with an exchange because they do all the hard work for you. They also let you buy the cryptocurrency with USD or other fiat currency directly from your bank account or crypto wallet. Which means no need for the other two options. If you have yet to open an account with a reputable Exchange, then we recommend Coinbase or Binance.

The Elongate coin was developed on the Binance smart Chain. Currently, both Binance and Coinbase carry Elongate crypto. Therefore, if you have a wallet with either of these two exchanges you will be able to easily purchase.

The Elongate token is designed for a long-term lifespan thanks to its deflationary protocol. Many investors are buying and holding looking for significant gains over the next 3 years.

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Buying Elongate Crypto Through a Broker.

Before we say too much about using a broker, we should make sure we understand what is happening.  When you buy a cryptocurrency through an exchange you are the owner of the coin.  Conversely, when you purchase through a broker you are buying a derivative contract.   Since, in this case, you don’t actually own the tokens you simply profit from the rise or fall in the relative price.

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Another drawback of purchasing through a broker is that it can be difficult to find a regulated broker that deals in Crypto.  For USA traders the only broker I recommend is Robinhood.  Unfortunately, Robinhood offers a limited list of available Cryptocurrencies.

In short, I do not recommend that you use a broker to buy crypto.  However, if that is your preference Robinhood is a reputable and fully licensed broker.

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How to Buy Crypto at a Bitcoin ATM

Before going to your nearest Bitcoin ATM location.  You will want to have your crypto wallet all set up.  When you go to the ATM you will need to have your wallet address so that the token you purchase can be sent directly to your wallet. 

The beauty of a crypto ATM is that it is excruciatingly simple.  Just like any ATM you insert your credit card or debit card and make the purchase.  The only drawback from my perspective is that the fees can be higher.  Find your closest ATM here.

Note: Some Bitcoin ATMs aka Bitcoin Kiosks may be purchase-only machines, while others also allow for withdrawals.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a crypto token that is poised to increase in value over the next several years.  Additionally, if you have a heart for charities and want your transaction fees to benefit someone in need then Elongate Crypto is the coin for you.

Tell us in the comments below which of the beneficiary charities helped by Elongate is your favorite!

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