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November 21, 2022
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NFT Art without Coding
NFT Art without Coding

When the topic of blockchain and NFTs comes up, most people assume that you need to be a coder or have some background in programming to get involved. This misconception has discouraged many people from even considering getting involved in the world of NFTs. Let’s unpack how to create NFT art without coding in a simplified commonsense way.

However, this could not be further from the truth! The NFT space has opened up a world of possibilities for artists and creators of all kinds, regardless of their coding skills. You can create, sell, and trade NFTs without writing a single line of code. This article will show you how to create your own NFTs without coding knowledge.

How To Create NFT Art Without Coding

There are several ways to create NFT art without coding. Hiring a developer is the most common way to create an NFT without coding skills. Developers often create NFTs for artists and creators who want to get involved in the space but don’t have the skills or knowledge to code their own NFTs. While this option is certainly viable, it can be done with out hiring a programmer.

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Another way how to create NFT art without coding is by using a service that allows you to create an NFT without any coding knowledge. These services often have a user-friendly interface that makes creating an NFT without coding skills easy. However, these services can be pretty expensive and may not offer the same level of customization as hiring a developer.

The best way to create an NFT without coding is by using a service that provides a template or an easy-to-use platform for creating your NFT. These services often have a user-friendly interface and offer a wide range of customization options, making it easy to create an NFT without coding skills.

An online platform will allow you to add only one unique art online, and the software will generate over 10,000 NFTs for you. Some popular platforms for creating NFTs without coding include:

How To Make NFT Art For Free

NFT Art Profit

If you’re looking to get started with NFTs but don’t have any money to invest, there are a few ways to create NFTs for free. This is an essential way for beginners to get started in the world of NFTs without any financial risk.

Some of the best ways to create a free NFT include the following:

Lazy Minting

Lazy minting is the process of creating NFTs off-chain. The creator doesn’t have to pay any gas fee upfront, which is a significant advantage. Some of the blockchains used for this include Ethereum and Solana. However, you may be required to pay a listing fee before your NFTs can be sold on marketplaces.

The main disadvantage of Lazy minting is that it usually comes with lower quality and fewer features. It also takes longer to mint an NFT this way. Some of the platforms where you can lazy mint your NFT for free include:

Airdrops And Bounties

You can also get free NFTs by participating in airdrops and bounties. Airdrops are when a project or company gives away free tokens or coins to promote their project. Often, all you need to do to receive an airdrop is hold a certain amount of crypto in your wallet.

Bounties are similar to airdrops, except that you usually have to perform some task to receive the bounty. This could be anything from writing a blog post to creating a social media post.

How To Make Money With NFT Art

The main purpose of creating an NFT is to make money. There are a few different ways to make money with your NFTs. The most common way to make money with NFTs is by selling them on a marketplace. As already mentioned, Coinbase, Rariable and OpenSea are the biggest and most popular marketplaces for NFTs. You can list your art NFTs on these platform and set your price.

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Another way to make money with your NFTs is by creating a smart contract that allows people to buy or sell your NFTs automatically. This is a more advanced way of making money with NFTs and requires some coding knowledge.

You can also make money with NFTs by creating a platform that allows people to create their own NFTs. This is similar to the services that allow you to create NFTs without coding. The main difference is that you will be taking a cut of each transaction.

Finally, you can make money on NFT art by creating the NFTs as a developer or freelancer. This option is often an easy way to sell NFT art as it doesn’t require you to list it on any marketplace. Instead, an interested client approaches you, and you sell the NFT directly to them. They will then list it on a marketplace themselves.

How To Sell NFT Artwork

Once you’ve created your NFT artwork, you’ll need to list it on a marketplace to sell it. Here are steps for how to sell your NFT Artwork:

  1. Set up a digital wallet: The first step is to set up a digital wallet that supports NFTs. The most popular wallets for storing NFTs are Coinbase, MetaMask and Trust Wallet. These wallets are available as Chrome extensions and apps for Android and iOS devices.
  2. Create an account on a marketplace: The next step is to create an account on a marketplace that sells art NFTs.
  3. Upload your NFT: Once you’ve created an account on a marketplace, you can upload your NFT artwork. You’ll need to provide information about the NFT, such as its title, description, and tags. You’ll also need to set a price for the NFT.
  4. Sell your NFT: The final step is to sell your NFT artwork. Once someone buys your NFT, the funds will be deposited into your digital wallet. You can then withdraw the funds to your bank account.


The exciting NFT space is one that everyone should keep an eye on. The ability to create, buy, and sell NFTs offers a whole new way to make money from art. While creating and selling NFTs may seem daunting initially, it’s quite simple. You don’t need coding knowledge to create or sell NFTs. The only thing you need is a digital wallet and an account on a marketplace like Coinbase. You can then use NFT generators or hire developers from Fiverr, and you can start selling your NFT for profit.

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