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October 31, 2022
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How to invest in crypto - New Crypto Buyer Guide

Have you ever wondered how to invest in crypto? Yes, everyday people are building wealth through crypto investing. If you stay to the end we will give you a solid foundation for understanding how to trade crypto! There are several ways to invest in cryptocurrency. You can buy individual coins or tokens. Another way is to own a stake in the cryptocurrencies of companies that have launched an ICO. Additionally, you can mine for new crypto coins.

You may be tempted to buy a lot of your favorite coins or tokens right away, but it is essential to learn the details of investing in digital currency before doing so. This way, once you’ve committed yourself to an investment strategy, you can remain confident in your decision.

Before we get into specific steps on how to invest in crypto, keep this vital information in mind:

  • Cryptocurrencies Are Still a high-risk, volatile investment so caution should be used before putting your hard-earned money into the markets.  That being said, once a person understands the crypto market and has a solid trade plan and/or trading coach, Crypto can be an extremally profitable investment
  • You should always check your risk profile before making any investment, including crypto-related investments. Regardless of the investment vehicle (Stocks, Forex, Crypto, etc.) if you cannot afford to lose your money you should not invest.   In short, do not invest your rent money!  A Good Trading Coach will help you tailor your trading/risk plan to your unique fanatical position and goals.

Cryptocurrency Investments Aren’t FDIC Insured

Just like with Stocks, ETFs, or Forex no banks are insuring your cryptocurrency holdings. If FDIC insurance is a concern for you you will need to invest through your local bank and settle for meager returns. 

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While you will find some exchanges claim to be insured, this means that your money is held in a bank account at the exchange itself rather than in an actual bank.  The point to understand is that if you are investing in crypto, crypto is not held in any bank and there are no insurances against loss in crypto.  Investing through a reputable exchange such as Coinbase will assure you that your coins are held in maximum security.

The best way to secure your crypto investments is by storing all your long-hold crypto coins in a wallet outside of the exchange such as a USB interface hardware wallet.

Cryptocurrency is a Taxable Asset

Please note that we do not offer legal or tax advice or consultation any legal or tax discussion is intended only for educational purposes and should not be considered advice.  When it comes to legal or tax issues you must consult a licensed professional. 

It is considered a taxable transaction whenever you buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency. This means that you need to keep track of all of your transactions! While this might sound daunting, there are many great tools out there for managing taxes related to crypto investments. 

A quality Crypto Altcoins Exchange such as Coinbase will usually provide year-end statements in a format that can be opened in a good spreadsheet format which will enable you to provide your tax consultant with all the necessary information.

How to Invest in Crypto: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, how to invest in crypto? Now that you understand the risks associated with buying cryptocurrency, it’s time to start investing! The first step is to choose an exchange where you can purchase coins or tokens.

We recommend Coinbase because it’s easy to use and offers the ability to buy cryptocurrency with credit/debit cards. If you are looking for more advanced options, such as some of the fringe High-Risk altcoins, Binance might also be considered as an option.

Choose a Trading Exchange

During this first step of “How to Invest in Crypto,” you must verify that the Altcoins Exchange you have chosen is licensed in your country and dedicated to maximum security.   There are numerous altcoins exchanges, but Coinbase and Gemini are reliable, secure, and provide user-friendly, intuitive interfaces.  If neither of these two is available in your country you may try Binance.

Invest in the Coins You Wish to Acquire

Now that you have selected your exchange, it’s time to choose the currencies you would like to buy! Keep in mind that different exchanges might offer different types of coins.  This is one of the reasons that we recommend only using one of the two or three altcoin exchanges that we have vetted and recommended!

Make sure you check which cryptocurrencies are available at each exchange before you commit yourself. Going through the account setup process only to find that an exchange does not offer your coin is frustrating, to say the least.  So, to keep things simple, we recommend consulting this updated list and choosing from the top two, and verifying that they will meet your trading interests.

Decide How Much Cryptocurrency to Invest In

Now it’s time to decide how much you’d like to invest in crypto! A good rule of thumb is to between 1% – and 9% of your total investable assets.

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When investing in a new coin or token, it is essential to do your research first.

Some of the more popular options include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP). At the same time, other viable choices may consist of Ether Classic (ETC) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).  Your Altcoins Exchange will have your favorite coin’s best current news and research.

Keep Your Private Keys in a Hardware Wallet

Once you’ve selected which coins or tokens to invest in and how much of your total investment they will make up, it’s time to put them into a wallet.

To protect your currencies from hackers and scams, we recommend keeping wallets on external hard drives that are not connected to the internet. This will help keep your currencies safe. One relatively inexpensive option is the BitBox. Consider digital security options such as Trezor or Ledger Nano S for more expensive investments.

Maintain Your Investment and Make Consistent Increases

If you want to keep your cryptocurrency for a long time, we suggest you set up auto-buy scheduled purchases, so you don’t have to remember every payday. If you want money taken directly out of your checking account, you can use Coinbase – if you have a credit or debit card they can set that up as well.

Other Options for How to Invest in Crypto

In addition to buying cryptocurrency on exchanges, there are other ways to invest in the blockchain. These options offer more flexibility to investors. They can invest with lower budgets. But they also have risks that buyers should be aware of. Now let’s break down some common investment strategies for acquiring cryptocurrencies.

Learn and Mine for Free and Get Crypto Nearly Free!

LTC/BTC Coins Now

Some people find learning about the blockchain exciting enough that they want to learn more and earn money simultaneously! One way to grow wealth quickly is through cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual tokens that use cryptography to secure their transactions and control new units.  As a result, the opportunity of crypto mining is open to everyone who wants to start on a small scale.

When mining you simply dedicate computer processing power to verifying transactions on the blockchain and for your processing power you are paid a small transaction fee. Crypto Mining can be a good way to acquire coins but it is not necessarily easy.   It can be expensive, time-consuming, and requires significant technical knowledge of cryptocurrency technology.  However, if you put the effort into understanding mining it can be a rewarding way to earn passive income.

Invest in Cryptocurrency Equities and NTFs

Another option that investors have is buying stocks of companies integrated with or directly involved in blockchain technology. Some famous examples include Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA), and Square (SQ).

Invest in the Blockchain by Purchasing Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies

To invest in a blockchain, you can purchase tokens through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This is similar to buying stocks, but you buy a token or coin ownership.  If you had purchased Bitcoin at its initial offering you could have bought 1 Bitcoin for less than .01 USD.  Yes, that’s less than one cent!  Imagine how wealthy you could be today if you had purchased just $10.00 of Bitcoin when it was first offered!

Winning with the best crypto memes
Winning with the best crypto memes

Advantages and Drawbacks of Investing in Cryptocurrency

Now that we’ve talked about different ways to invest, let’s take a look at their advantages and disadvantages:


Holding onto cryptocurrencies for the long term is a great way to invest. There is a way for people on a small budget to get into the cryptocurrency market. You don’t have to buy expensive coins when they first come out. You can set up a system to automatically buy a few coins or tokens at a set time frequency. For example, if you wanted to buy $10.00 worth of Bitcoin every week you could set up an automatic transaction between your bank and your Altcoins Exchange.  Then it will be like investing in stocks.

The money you invest will increase as more people use and accept the currency. Cryptocurrency funds or ETFs are a good investment for people who don’t want to purchase individual coins but still want to be involved in blockchain.


  • It’s easy to make mistakes and lose your money
  • It’s hard and requires knowledge and experience to get rich in crypto.

There is always risk involved when it comes to investing. This means that if someone feels they cannot afford to lose any money, they should not invest. Additionally, the cryptocurrency market is still young, and people are still trying to figure out how it will work in the long term.

Some currencies might fail while others might take off. No one knows which ones will succeed.

It’s also important to note that you can lose money by investing in cryptocurrencies if you don’t set up your wallet correctly. This means turning on 2-factor authentication, or else your coins might get stolen if the exchange gets hacked.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

Doubled My Account

Keeping your cryptocurrencies in a wallet that is not connected to the internet will help protect you from hackers and scams. It may also save you from paying taxes on your cryptocurrencies. As long as all your crypto transactions remain offline, they might be 100% tax-free. You must consult with a tax adviser to understand your local tax laws.

If you sell anything you have online, or if you try to convert your cryptocurrency profits into regular currency, then you will have to pay taxes on the gains.

Should I invest in crypto?

Like most investments, cryptocurrency trading has both risks and benefits. Some people who are not finance experts can make a lot of money with the right investment plan. But other people who don’t have any training experience or coaching can lose a lot of money.

We suggest that a beginner start investing small amounts of money and invest in themselves by learning more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies before making any significant decisions.


Investing in cryptocurrency can be an exciting and profitable endeavor if you are equipped with the right knowledge and tools. If you don’t already own crypto, now might be the perfect time to start! Be sure to do your research so you can enjoy all of the cryptocurrency’s potential benefits while minimizing risks.

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