Most Powerful Metaverse Coins
Most Powerful Metaverse Coins

The word “metaverse” is frequently used in the media, on social media, and even at home by everyday people. Unfortunately, most of the people talking about the Metaverse do not have a fully accurate picture of its true nature. Although the technology is not yet widely used, it is swiftly attracting the interest of crypto and IT investors. There are Metaverse Coins on Coinbase that you can invest in to grow your portfolio.

Investors naturally want to know about the top metaverse coins on Coinbase, because analysts believe the metaverse to be the internet’s future. We’ve compiled a list of The 5 Most Powerful Metaverse Coins on Coinbase because of this. Sit back and let’s find out the top five metaverse coins at the moment.

Best Metaverse Coins on Coinbase

APE (ApeCoin)

The APE ecosystem consists of individual token holders and the goods and services that use the token. This coin is made up of the ERC-20 governance and utility token known as ApeCoin (APE). It is associated with a non-fungible token (NFT) initiative called the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a hugely popular and priceless collection developed by Web3 Company Yuga Labs.

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called ApeCoin DAO is in charge of making administrative decisions. They regulate topics like ecosystem fund allocations, governance guidelines, projects, partnerships, and more. In case you are wondering, all ApeCoin holders can join the ApeCoin DAO.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), an NFT series from Web3 business Yuga Labs, is where the token got its start. Original cartoon ape drawings from the collection numbering over 10K are included in the collection. The ownership of each one is established on the blockchain. As one of the most popular NFT initiatives to date, BAYC enjoys viral support from stars like Jimmy Fallon and Eminem. Prices vary, but as of this writing, individual works in the series sell for a minimum of $130,000, some even reaching well above $1 million.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible tokens, which are incredibly popular, were made by Yuga Labs. They produce the metaverse coin, the native token for Otherside, and a metaverse game. In a recent virtual land sale that allowed APE token holders to purchase properties in Otherside, Yuga Labs reportedly made almost $320 million.

On March 17, Apecoin went into circulation, with a maximum supply of 1 billion coins. At that time, 30% of the total supply was anticipated to be in use. Apecoin, the largest coin in the metaverse, has a market cap of $1.39 billion as of October 24, despite being a brand-new token that has faced significant difficulties.

Best Stable Coins Now

How to get Involved

On a crypto exchange, such as Coinbase, there are typically three steps to buying ApeCoin:

  • Register: Enter your user name, email address, and phone number on the sign-up page. After verifying your email ID, the system will ask you to enter a strong password.
  • Complete the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process: The majority of regulatory domains demand that consumers go through the KYC process. Your account will be active in a few minutes once you submit your ID and any other necessary papers.
  • Purchase ApeCoin: You may now deposit fiat currency and purchase as many ApeCoin as you desire.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA) is a metaverse coin with an open-source virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It enables users to create, consume, and make money from content and applications.

The virtual world is now accessible to gamers, content creators, and cryptocurrency developers thanks to Decentraland. Users of the platform can create anything they can think of in an imaginative, open-world environment. Users can create their own interactive experiences, virtual stores, and games.

Additionally, Decentraland organizes community gatherings where users may meet up to talk about and learn more about blockchain-related issues. Users of Decentraland can also use MANA to buy virtual goods like skins and land.

As a result, users can now create virtual businesses and monetize their work. It was created using the Ethereum blockchain and launched as an initiative back in 2015. So, it’s clear that this game has been available for a while. In 2017, the team successfully raised $26 million through an ICO that raised roughly 90,000 ETH.

Desentraland Accessibility

However, the public only had access to the virtual reality platform as of 2020. Users of Decentraland can engage in real estate transactions while playing the game and interacting with others. Similar to an online game, however, rather than concentrating on the game itself, it focuses on the social and commercial interactions between users. Users interact with one another, go to lectures, create businesses, and discover new things in the world.

A decentralized version of Minecraft called Decentraland is divided into 90,000 “parcels,” which are individual parcels of land.

One parcel has a starting area of 1010 meters in the game. The neighborhood held a vote in February 2019. Then, each parcel’s size was raised to 16 by 16 meters. Each parcel is a land-based ERC-721 token.

Decentralized Trade

Let’s discuss the tokens. MANA and LAND are two different in-game cryptocurrencies.

  • An ERC-20 token called MANA is used to pay for virtual products and services in the metaverse.
  • LAND is an ERC-721 token that serves as proof of ownership in the game by designating the right to possess a particular plot of land.

The current metaverse coin price of Decentraland (MAMA) is considered to be reasonable as it is higher than $0.40 now. Also, crypto experts have shared their estimation of the metaverse’s crypto price by 2030. According to their analysis, which was done for years, the metaverse coin is expected to have a trading minimum price of $8.15 and a potentially high price of $9.64. As a result, you can generally anticipate that in 2030, the price of MANA will be roughly $8.37.

Enjin (ENJ)

Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski, who today hold the positions of CEO and CTO, formed the Singapore-based company. Radomski contributed to the development of the ERC-1155 token standard, a fundamental component of the platform’s architecture.

It is a gaming platform built on blockchain technology that allows developers to incorporate blockchain technology into their games. The platform gives developers the tools they need to create custom game economies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other digital assets that may be utilized as in-game currency.

Enjin was established in 2009, though the majority of blockchain startups are still very young.

Enjin Background

The network was first created to help the global gaming community. However, in 2017, it switched to using blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The company then focused its attention on developing an ecosystem where users owned their assets and had unfettered access to sell and market them on its platform.

Additionally, the metaverse coin provides an SDK that enables developers to easily create and run their gaming economy. The Enjin platform also allows gamers to trade their digital assets with other players and make in-game purchases. Due to its cutting-edge capabilities and simplicity of integration, Enjin is growing in popularity among gamers and developers.

During a token presale in September 2017, 400 million ENJ were sold for a total of 38,800 ETH, which was equal to $12 million at the time. The team raised an additional $23 million through its crowd sale. Over the course of the following two months, garnered assistance from venture capitalists throughout various investment rounds. Additionaly, they raised another $40 million through its Polkadot para chain project, Efinity.

Enjin has developed an open platform that allows game developers to create and publish their games in a matter of minutes. Along with a marketplace where players may exchange in-game assets, the platform also features a point-based loyalty rewards program. The platform also contains a built-in token called ENJ that can be used to buy in-game products and assets.

Trade assistant

ENJIN Trivia

Enjin is always coming up with virtual ideas, and it recently unveiled a VR game engine that allows developers to create immersive gaming experiences. Also, this metaverse coin has collaborated with well-known businesses like Microsoft, Samsung, and Intel to create cutting-edge technology for the gaming sector.

Over 1 billion assets will have been created on the platform by the beginning of 2022, according to the platform. 

If you are wondering where to buy the metaverse coin then checkout our recommend exchange platforms:

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralized blockchain-based technology developed in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin. It allows the use of a Turing-complete programming language to enable the creation of distributed applications and smart contracts, which let users trade assets without the involvement of a third party.

It also gives users the option to conduct financial transactions in a private, secure, and anonymous manner. In contrast to previous cryptocurrency networks, Ethereum relies on the “Casper” proof-of-stake consensus system rather than proof-of-work algorithms for consensus.

Users now have the freedom to design and create their projects independently of a centralized authority.

Additionally, Ethereum’s platform makes it possible for developers to create their actions and tokens. This increases the potential of Ethereum and makes it possible to develop projects and apps privately and securely.

Users of Ethereum can also create crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for particular projects or objectives. Additionally, Ethereum can be used to create distributed applications that can communicate with one another and work with a variety of other blockchain networks.

All these features make Ethereum one of the most versatile blockchain technologies available today. Now let’s answer some questions you might have about the metaverse coin.

Decentralized Exchange Alert

How Can I Buy Ethereum?

So, if you are wondering where you can buy the metaverse coin or where to buy the metaverse token then you might want to know that Ethereum is supported by dedicated crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Gemini. You can use any of these cryptocurrency exchange platforms to buy or sell ether.

Can Ethereum Be Converted to Cash?

Short answer, yes.

Online exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini are available to investors who own the cryptocurrency ETH for this operation. Just sign up for an exchange account, create a bank account, and transfer ETH from an Ethereum wallet to the exchange account.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

Online game developer Radical Fish Games produced My Neighbor Alice (ALICE). It is a sandbox-style game set in a realistic 3D online world. The activities available to players include creating their own homes, farming, crafting goods, traveling the world, fulfilling quests, meeting friends, and more.

It was created by the Swedish interactive mobile game studio Antler Interactive. SVRVIVE Studios, a VR industry innovator that produced games like SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix, Kartong – Death by Cardboard, Krystal Kart AR, Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey, Krystopia, and Nova’s Journey, was formerly known as Antler Interactive. Antler Interactive was purchased by ChromaWay, the blockchain development company that created the Chromia blockchain, in 2019.

Due to its unique gameplay, ALICE has been nominated for and won numerous accolades. For players to create their own unique virtual experience, the game offers hundreds of personalization choices.

ALICE Features

ALICE also allows an in-game marketplace where players may purchase and sell goods they find in the real world. The game offers a variety of social aspects as well, including the ability for players to form clans and work together, as well as several tournaments and events. The game is compatible with several platforms, including consoles, mobile devices, and computers.

To keep players interested, the game is frequently updated with fresh features and material.

One of the best metaverse coins on Coinbase is this one. ALICE has a sizable fan base of devoted players and has been nominated for numerous accolades. Additionally, it has received accolades for its original gameplay, captivating 3D cyber world, and a wide variety of personalization choices.

ALICE also features a cutting-edge in-game economy that allows players to trade goods, take part in competitions, and attend events.

Users can create their own tokenized representations of real-world assets, such as real estate, works of art, and more, using Alice. Additionally, Alice offers a decentralized exchange so that users can swap assets with other members of the community.

Metaverse cryptocurrencies Treasure

What’s Special About My Neighbor Alice?

Two unique selling points are sought after by My Neighbor Alice.

Firstly, the game is more approachable to casual players who are unfamiliar with traditional blockchain gaming features. Due to its distinctive aesthetic and intuitive platform, which incorporates the character of Alice as very relatable, users find it very easy to learn.

Secondly, although it allows individuals who are interested to investigate traditional DeFi features, the game does not compel players to engage with the underlying blockchain technology.

The game’s broad target audience, which includes women, can be appealed to through a variety of activities in which players can engage. Six virtual islands are the game’s main feature. They are:

  • Lummestad
  • Submerged Island
  • Snowflake Island
  • Sandy Coast
  • Nature’s Rest
  • Medieval Rest

On these islands, players can purchase virtual land represented by NFT tokens and adorn it with buildings, lakes, decorations, animals, plants, and other in-game elements. Avatars, which players use to represent themselves in the game and can personalize with in-game stuff. Through the market or markets on other blockchains, all of those are tradable.

The Sandbox (SAND)

The sandbox (SAND) is a type of game setting in which players can experiment with gameplay and learn how to play without fear of repercussions.

The Sims, Grand Theft Auto, and Minecraft are a few popular sandbox games.
The cutting-edge virtual world, The Sandbox (SAND), is supported by blockchain technology and non-fungible coins (NFTs).

As a multiplayer metaverse where players may create, monetize, and take part in blockchain-based gaming experiences, it is powered by the Ethereum token SAND. Also, game developers can create unique 3D NFTs in The Sandbox that can be applied throughout the ecosystem. SAND may be used to buy, sell, and trade NFTs as well as other in-game items. It can also be used to vote on the platform’s future.

Trading plan

Sandbox Community

It is a cutting-edge gaming platform in that it allows users to create, own, and monetize original gaming content. Players can create original gaming experiences, share them with the world, and profit from them thanks to the decentralized structure of the system.

This is made feasible by using its exclusive virtual land, the SAND token, and its robust game creation package.

The Sandbox also has a thriving community of players, developers, and creators. This community of fans is constantly adding to the platform and developing fresh experiences and games. The Sandbox provides a singular opportunity to investigate the potential of blockchain gaming, from producing and selling assets to constructing interactive games and experiences.

Compared to other game styles, sandbox games typically provide players with more freedom. Additionally, you are frequently allowed to create your own objectives. Both single-player and multiplayer games can be played in sandboxes.

The Sandbox is sure to transform how we play with its huge variety of gaming experiences.

Best Online Exchanges to Buy or Sell These Coins


Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that allows you to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency. With over 30 million users and $8 billion in assets, it is one of the biggest and most well-known exchanges in the world. Both novice and seasoned investors will find Coinbase to be an excellent alternative because it makes it possible to work with cryptocurrencies securely and straightforwardly.

Additionally, it provides a variety of services to its clients and you can get also metaverse coins on Coinbase.

Moreover, Coinbase offers several tools, such as a network of business partners who accept cryptocurrency payments, to assist you in tracking and managing your investment portfolio. Also, there are metaverse tokens on Coinbase and it is considered safe and easy to use.


Binance is a global cryptocurrency trading platform where users can easily buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. With more than 50 different cryptocurrencies available, it is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It provides inexpensive trading costs along with a safe and user-friendly trading platform. Additionally, users can benefit from its sophisticated trading capabilities, which include OTC trading, stop-limit orders, leverage trading, and more.


Bittrex is an online cryptocurrency marketplace where users may securely and swiftly buy, sell, and trade digital assets. Users may access their digital assets quickly and securely thanks to the platform’s user-friendly, simple design.

Additionally, Bittrex provides sophisticated trading features like limit and stop-loss orders, a real-time order book, a customizable user interface, and more.


Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates online and offers users low costs, quick trading, and safe transfers. It allows users to purchase, sell, and trade different digital currencies, as well as keep them safely in their digital wallets.

Gemini’s user-friendly layout makes navigating the platform simple for inexperienced traders. The exchange also offers cutting-edge trading tools like charting software, real-time order books, and limit and stop-loss orders. Gemini also provides a safe storage option for all kinds of digital assets.


Metaverse Coins and Games can be a great way to either earn cryptocurrencies or invest in crypto.

Let us know in the comments below which metaverse coins you own and have had success with. Additionally, you can put your Metaverse game bragging rights in your comments. Let’s meet in the Metaverse!

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