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Crypto Masterbot looks like a wish come true for crypto traders! In theory, the bot analyzes market data and predicts market movement both through advanced technology and revolutionary algorithms. However, in reality, can it do so? Let’s find out by examining the claims and results.

What is a Crypto masterbot?

It is an automated trading platform that enables investors to trade without any input. The creators claim that the bot analyzes trading data to predict the market. In this way, an investor can minimize risk and increase probability since the “bot has not emotions.” Theoretically, it sounds fantastic. However, is it really possible? Let’s find out together!

The Technology behind projects like Crypto Masterbot

The concept of the technology behind the Crypto Master bot is simple! Their claim was that the bot examines trading data and spots patterns. These patterns enable the bot to predict market movements and execute profitable trads. In this way, it should provide great results. However, in reality, this technology does not exist due to various flaws in the foundation of the software. Furthermore, even if this technology exists, then the organization should be able to verify their trading results. The problem here is; it appears that the creators only profited through selling not trading!

How Crypto Masterbot works?

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The working model of the crypto masterbot suggests that the bot examines real-time trading data. After that, the bot provides signals that predict the market. While doing so, minimizes the risks and increases the probability of profit. In this way, it supplements your manual trading and you can learn from watching the bot trade.

The Real Truth about Crypto Masterbot

The real truth about crypto masterbot is that it is not a reliable solution for profitable investing. There are three major reasons we have come to this conclusion. Firstly, the technology which the promoters tout is nonexistent. At least it does not function as promoted. Secondly, the bot cannot predict human emotions and external market factors that influence the market. Thirdly, the business model, previous history, and current reputation suggest that it is extremely risky to invest using this platform.

What is Crypto Masterbot 2.0

Some time after the initial release Crypto Masterbot 2.0 was introduced; boasting a better improved version of the automated trading algorithms. It promises to provide high-quality signals based on real-time data analytics. These signals are reported to enable traders to predict the market automatically allowing you to profit through the bots auto-trading. However, a simple analysis shows that the claims and results are not reliable. Therefore, we recommend that you consider carfuly before you purchase this bot!

Why Crypto Masterbot and Crypto Masterbot 2.0 are not the right choices?

Following are the five major reasons why this auto trading bot is not an ideal aid to your trading plan.

·         Failure of Crypto MasterBot

Crypto Masterbot was not a successful product in several dimensions. A successful product is usually one that is beneficial for both the consumer and the manufacturer. That was not the case with this bot as it failed to generate profits for its users. Furthermore, the trading bot failed so badly that it is no longer supported by the producers. The reason is simply; consumers did not trust this bot or the company promoting it.

After the loss of confidence in Crypto Masterbot, the creators launched a new platform. Their new software development was rebranded as Crypto Masterbot 2.0. It was introduced to the market with an announcement stating that the problems in the first release were now solved. However, after close analysis we see no evidence of truth in their claim! 

·         No legitimate existence

Consistent profit is of high importance to the portfolio of every investor. As an investor it is vital to safeguard your hard earned money. Anyone who steps out in faith to purchase a produt should be able to expect support and customer service after the sale. Crypto masterbot does not have any legitimate presence or customer support system that can ensure a return of your purchase when the software does not function as expected.

There is no crypto investment that can guarantee you will never experience a loos. However, other platforms like Binance and Coinbase enable investors to invest with legal safeguards. As an investor, you, want to always, use platforms and software that is tested by time and supported by a reputable company.   

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·         Technology is not available

The first release of Crypto Masterbot was labeled, “a revolutionary technology.” The promised was, that the technology of the platform would enable you to sit back while you can earn profit. The result was a complete failure which makes it look like a scam. Many of the traders lost their entire portfolio and there is no legitimate evidence of this new revolutionary technology making sustainable profits. Consequently, the bot has vanished from the market place!

Soon after, Crypto Masterbot 2.0 was launched with similar branding and marketing. However, no credible evidence is available to conclude that the revised bot includes any revolutionary technological breakthrough. The conclusion is simple; there is no technology as claimed!  

·         No Rational Justification of Business

Let’s put everything aside and consider one thing! If someone manages to build a bot that can analyze data and actively build a profitable account, then we need to question the business strategy of the seller. The person or the company can easily profit by utilizing their crypto masterbot, that is if their claims are true. This is not to suggest that there is never a trading bot that is legitimate. It simply means that in this case it appears that the creators of this bot only made their money selling their software.

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The creators claim that their trading bot learns and improves after analyzing the trading data of traders. This claim, by the Maserbot programmers, is quit vague and seems unrealistic. How can the bot know what traders are thinking or analyze a traders emotions etc. Unless your own trade rational or your specific analytics are input into the system manually there is no way for the software to understand your thoughts.

·         Masterbot Has No legitimate Success Stories

Lastly, there are no legitimate success stories of real live traders using this bot. No one who is claiming that they have earned any profits from the bot can be contacted for reliable verification. Additionally, the negative reputation of the platform and creators is only a google search away!

This masterbot does not have any legitimate success stories. There is to compelling evidence of legitimacy and profitability. Hence, we must conclude that this platform is not a viable option for the prudent trader.


In conclusion, Crypto Masterbot was marketed as an automated crypto trading platform. Furthermore, they claimed that the platform used revolutionary technology. However, that is not the case. There is no legitimate evidence of any revolution in technology. Additionally, the whole business model of Crypto Masterbot has no reasonable justification. So our recommendation here at is to avoid it! 

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