ETM Crypto

What is ETM Crypto?

ETM Crypto

ETM Crypto is a platform for digital asset trading and mining that offers a high level of convenience in the trade and mining of crypto assets. It enables customers to trade freely on the global market with access to all types of different crypto assets while simultaneously providing opportunities to mine newly issued coins. The platform’s highly intuitive interface, user-friendly features, and security guarantees have made it one of the most popular exchanges in Europe. Here are some reasons why you should choose ETM Crypto: – competitive trading fee policy – 24/7 customer service – instant payments in USD, EUR, or GBP via SWIFT transfers or local bank transfers.

Why should I trade on ETM Crypto?

Investors can trade any crypto asset freely

ETM Crypto does not impose any trading limits or restrictions. Whether you’re an active trader or a long-term investor, there are no limitations on your daily or monthly volume. This flexibility guarantees that you will always be able to buy and sell the assets you want at the prices you want. All trades are charged the same flat fee of 0.20% based on the total transaction amount (payable by both parties). The only additional charge when withdrawing assets is a small fee for “processing” withdrawals that varies depending on the coin network’s transaction fees themselves (which are set individually by each cryptocurrency).

ETM Crypto is decentralized and operated by the ETM team of trusted advisors. Investors have full control over their funds and can store them in a secure account. ETM Crypto is developing a set of platform features that would address key challenges faced by people who wish to trade cryptocurrencies. The company has a mission for cryptocurrency to make it a currency.

The platform currently provides three different sets of services:

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  • Exchange: Users can trade freely between cryptocurrencies on this exchange, with support for all major pairs. Services including fiat interchange, trading pairs (BTC/USD, BTC/ETH), order book view (scalping), liquidity checker, and charting are provided.
  • Mining: Users can choose to mine ETH, ZEC, and XMR. Users will be able to withdraw their mined coins at a zero mining fee rate.
  • ICOs: The platform supports the hosting of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), including the creation of whitepapers, smart contracts, and token distribution. It also provides support for marketing via social media and other channels as well as on the ETM website. The platform’s team of advisors has extensive experience with blockchain technology and financial markets. 

All transactions take place with the use of ETM tokens only. ETM Tokens are the main currency on ETM Crypto’s platform. Tokens are ERC20 compliant, and are mined through proof-of-work, with a reward for each block found by the consensus algorithm. The minimum transaction limit is 1 ETM.

ETM Crypto provides a high level of security for its customers, especially with the help of token smart contracts and encryption. There is full support for multi-signature wallets and multi-signature transactions. All funds are deposited in cold storage. Also, these are fully safe against hacking and loss by a highly secure network of intelligent algorithms. The platform test is rigorously done to make sure it works perfectly every time, both on Android and iOS devices as well as from any browser via SSL encryption.

Services Provided by ETM Crypto

ETM Crypto provides all services to customers in a single accessible place, allowing them to benefit from the following benefits:

  • Live chat support in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Live support available 24/7.
  • Active customer service via social media or email for questions about ICOs.

ETM Crypto has announced new features. Further, it also provides its users with additional services such as discounts on mining equipment and the option of sharing mining profit with the community.

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History Of ETM Crypto: 

ETM Crypto began trading in June 2018. It is currently traded on OpenLedger DEX and Binance. Pierre Bloch founded the company. He is a self-described serial entrepreneur, blockchain investor, and also the creator of OpenLedger. He was a high-level executive in the video game industry for 30+ years and also an advisor to the ETMC Blockchain Group. The ETMC Blockchain Group is developing the project with technology partners from Europe and Israel.

The company has a team of 14 advisors, who are also high-ranking individuals in the blockchain world and leaders at ETMC. Therefore, an expansive marketing team supports the campaign, and the ICO funds the marketing project.

Key Features of ETM Crypto

A key feature of ETM Crypto is its commitment to providing high speed and maximum convenience to traders. The platform supports all major mobile platforms and hence, it makes it easier to access services on iPods and other devices. Each service runs through one simple interface with multiple active prompts that provide the information necessary for users to use the service at hand. In addition to standard KYC verification, the platform offers investors a more thorough process. Likewise, it helps in increasing security and efficiency for conducting transactions involving tokens.

ETM crypto trade up or down

ETM Crypto is an ERC20 token used on the platform. ETM tokens are mined and burned through a smart contract, which provides coins to miners (in ETH) based on a fixed ratio of ETH and tokens. The mining process allows for the network to create a fixed supply. Moreover, it also reduces volatility within the ecosystem, which allows for wider interest in trading on the platform.

Integration specialists developed the ETM Crypto platform. Likewise, they had also developed Jibrel Network (JNT Token). Multiple networks like ICO Bench, and ICO Drops rated the ETM token as a top 10 utility token. Hence, ETM tokens are currently listed on OpenLedger DEX. One can use ETM Tokens against ETH and BTC.


In June 2018, the CEO of Altcoin Exchange (Altex) also owned The ETMC Blockchain Group. Further, it recognizes as one of the Top 40 Under 40 French entrepreneurs.

Similarly, in May 2018, the platform received a winning award in the 2018 Blockchain Awards. It received an award under the Best Achievement in Technology category. Further, the award ceremony took place during Blockchain Expo North America in Santa Clara California on May 21st-22nd.

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