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December 26, 2022
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funny NFT Memes
funny NFT Memes

2022 has been a rollercoaster for the NFT and the crypto industry. What a ride, with many new projects emerging, a Bull market for digital collectibles, and the huge FTX scandal. All in all 2022 will be forever remembered both for the good and the bad. On the lighter side we have seen the emergence of numerous funny NFT memes.

First, the crypto market plummeted from an all-time high at the end of 2021 and has since struggled to recover. Then now as we close out the year the Crypto World is rocked by the Scam of a lifetime, FTX. However, all this has yet to deter digital creators from developing new collectibles in the NFT market.

Along with the increasing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs); comes an equally growing collection of funny NFT memes about this ever-evolving space. Here are 20 of the best NFT memes that have surfaced in 2022.

What Are NFT Memes

Memes are a form of communication popularized through the internet that often makes light of current trends or news topics. As the popularity of memes grows it has become the most popular way for people to share their views online. Meme creators have also begun making memes on digital collectibles like NFTs. As the space grows, funny memes about NFTs have become popular on social media and other crypto forums.

The Best Funny NFT Memes

Here is a list of some of the best Funny NFT memes:

Doge meme
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The Doge meme is a classic ERC-721 token. Its comeback in the form of a popular NFT meme has been well-received by crypto enthusiasts. It was first created in 2013 as a representation of the Shiba Inu dog. As Such, it contains the image of the dog and a comic sans text on top of it. The primary purpose of the Doge meme was to show how easy it is to create a meme in the EOS blockchain.

Due to the Doge meme having been such a popular NFT hit, in the crypto world. It has inspired the creation of several variations used as the symbol of many cryptocurrencies, such as Dogelon, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin.

Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian

Another popular meme in the NFT space is Bad Luck Brian. It is an image of a young boy wearing an ill-fitting school uniform and braces. The original photo was taken in 2012 and has since been used in many memes that poke fun at misfortune. This year, the meme has gained traction in the crypto world to represent the losses people suffer in the market. The meme can be seen on many platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, and NFTs.

There have been many variations of these NFT memes, such as one where Brian is holding a sign  ‘Not For Trade‘. It has been widely used to represent the non-fungibility of NFTs.

Hodl Gang Meme

Hodl Gang

The Hodl Gang is another popular meme that has emerged in the crypto world this year. It is a collection of randomly generated walking NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs are an animation of people walking while holding different things, such as guns or a thumbs up.

Each member of this gang has a unique character and design and is often used to depict the struggle of Ethereum project developers trying to bring projects together. It has been popular amongst the crypto community as it gives them a sense of solidarity in their journey into cryptocurrencies.

Disaster Girl meme
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Disaster Girl

The Disaster Girl meme is one of the most popular NFTs this year. It features an image of a young girl with a mischievous smile standing in front of the, and it has been used to represent the chaos in the crypto markets. Zoe Roth took the original photo in 2005, but it became popular after being posted online as a meme in 2008.

The Disaster Girl meme has been a popular NFT in the crypto community, with many variations representing different market aspects, such as booms and busts. In 2021, the Disaster Girl NFT was sold at an auction for 180 Ether. Zoe Roth said that the money would be used to finance her college education.

Grumpy Cat meme

Grumpy Cat

The Grumpy Cat meme is another popular NFT. It is an image of a cartoon cat with a frown and has been used to represent negative sentiment in the crypto markets. The original photo was taken in 2012, but it became popular after becoming a meme in 2013.

The Grumpy Cat meme has become increasingly popular in the crypto world and has been used to represent market losses, speculation, and fear. It is often seen as a reminder to investors that no matter how bad things may seem, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

Grump cat has turned out to be the most famous feline in the world, a New York Bestselling book and even a movie, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Now it has become an NFT meme that is gaining more traction in the crypto community.

Currently, the total price of the artwork is estimated to be 45.575 ETH.

Charlie Bit My Finger

Charlie Bit My Finger

Charlie Bit My Finger is another popular meme that has been turned into an NFT. This NFT features a video of two young British brothers. In the video the older brother says, “Charlie bit my finger” while pointing to his younger brother. The original video was uploaded in 2007 and gained over 900 million views on YouTube.

It uses humor to remind investors to “not bite off more than they can chew” when investing in cryptocurrencies.

In 2021, the artwork sold for $760 999, was removed from youtube, and is now owned by one user. However, there have been several duplications of the video, each with a different artist’s organization.

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Leave Britney Alone

Leave Britney Alone

The “Leave Britney Alone” meme was popular in 2007 when the singer Britney Spears had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized. A YouTube video of a 17-year-old Chris Crocker pleading with the public to “leave Britney alone” has since gone viral and become an iconic image of the 2000s.

It has been turned into an NFT. The artwork was sold for a whopping 8.69 ether and is now owned by an anonymous user.

Overly Attached Girlfriend meme

Overly Attached Girlfriend

The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme was created in 2013. It features an image of a woman with a crazed expression on her face as she stairs at the camera. Is often used to represent possessiveness in online relationships. The meme originated from a video posted by Youtuber Laina Walker while singing a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.”

This has now become an NFT meme, with the artwork sold for 200 ETH to 3F Music 2021. Many crypto investors have used the Overly attached girlfriend as a meme to represent the fear of investing too much money into something that could go wrong. It has also been used to indicate traders’ clinginess in a certain market position, hoping it will never change.

Success Kid meme

Success Kid

The Success Kid meme was first posted in 2007, depicting a baby with his fist up in the air and a determined look on his face. The image was taken by Laney Griner of her 11-month-old son throwing a tantrum. The image has been used to represent success ever since.

This meme also became an NFT artwork sold for 15 Ethereum at auction. An anonymous user now owns it. Most investors have used this meme to represent their positive attitude towards the crypto markets and success in trading and their reactions when they ace certain things.

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Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat is one of the most popular internet memes created based on a Youtube video uploaded in 2011. The artwork features a cat with an iconic Pop-Tart body flying through space with rainbow trails behind it and 8-bit music playing in the background.

The NFT version of this meme was sold for over 300 ETH. Investors have used it to represent their enthusiasm, passion for crypto markets, and desire to reach the moon!

Scumbag Steve meme

Scumbag Steve

Scumbag Steve is an internet meme that became popular after a photo of Blake Boston went viral. The image was of him wearing a hat with the phrase “scumbag steve” written on it.

The NFT artwork version of this meme was sold for 30 ETH and has been used by investors to represent their “no-holds-barred” attitude towards the crypto markets. They use it to represent their willingness to take risks and their ability to overcome adversity and succeed.

Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat

The Keyboard Cat meme was created in 2007 and features a clip of a tabby cat playing the keyboard. Charlie Schmidt captured the original video in 1884. While the cat died in 1987, the video rose to fame after Schmidt first posted it on Youtube in 2007. The video has since been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube.

It is now available as an NFT artwork sold for 33.5501 ETH  at auction. Investors use this meme to represent their resilience, hard work, and dedication to the crypto markets. It inspired commercials and appeared as a halftime performer in Puppy Bowl in 2014.

Creepy Chan NFT

Creepy Chan NFT

Creepy Chan is an internet meme that was created in 2008. It features a photo of a young girl with her hair covering her face and eerie-looking eyes. The original photo was taken by Allison Harvard and posted on his website. There are two photos of Harvard in the image, with the second being a close-up of her face.

The NFT version of Creepy Chan has been sold for 35 ETH  for the first photo, which appears to be a photo of Havard’s passport-sized photo. The second photo was sold for 40 ETH and has been used to represent the unpredictable nature of the crypto markets and investors who have made risky moves despite it.

Harambe NFT

Harambe NFT

Harambe was a 17-year-old Gorilla that lived in  Cincinnati Zoo. The zoo keepers killed Harambe in 2016 after a child fell into its enclosure. This event created a lot of controversies, and since then, Harambe has become an internet sensation.

The NFT version of this meme was sold for 30.3 ETH at auction. While the image has not been used for any specific purpose in the crypto world, some investors use it to represent their strength in the face of adversity and their willingness to take risks no matter how dangerous the situation is.

Side Eyeing Chloe
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Side Eyeing Chloe

Side Eyeing Chloe is a meme that features an image of a toddler girl with one eye closed and the other in disbelief. Her father took a photograph during a family outing and eventually became an internet sensation.

The photo represents the two faces of the sisters, with the elder sister, Lily Clem, breaking into tears of joy. However, Chloe reacts differently to their trip to Disneyland, instead giving her father a look of disbelief and side-eyes him.

The NFT version of the meme was sold for 25 ETH, which investors have used to represent their skepticism towards the markets and their ability to take risks despite the uncertainty.

Trollface NFT

Trollface NFT

Trollface is a meme created in 2008 and has since become one of the most popular internet memes. It features an image of an angry-looking face with crossed eyes and a wide grin. It was created by a Microsoft painter Carlos Ramirez and the image has since gained a lot of traction on social media and become the official troll face in the world.

The NFT version of this meme was sold for 42 ETH  at auction and has been used as a face of what investors go through in the crypto markets. It reminds them that despite the risks and challenging situations, they should remain resilient and be ready to take risks no matter how great.

While a few people have intellectual property rights to the image, several variations and duplications of the original image have been made.


NFTs have become popular in the crypto world as investors use them to express their emotions and sentiments toward the markets. Funny NFT memes are also gaining popularity as they represent the lightheartedness of investing while simultaneously showcasing investors’ resilience and dedication to their investments. The above-listed funny NFT memes are some of the most popular ones in the market, and they represent different emotions that investors go through in the crypto markets.

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