Graft Crypto History
Graft Crypto History

On a weekend in late October 2017, Alex Kerner created the payment gateway now known as Graft Crypto. The Graft Crypto payment processing gateway provides a user experience as friendly as PayPal’s and other rivals. The Graft Crypto is the result of Alex’s desire to develop a solution to the problem of cryptocurrency adoption.

GRAFT (XGR) is a cryptocurrency that uses PoW/PoS consensus algorithm. The development team created this coin to solve some of the problems which are experienced by having multiple coins in an exchange.

The backbone of the Graft Crypto payment gateway is the proprietary Graft Blockchain. Dan Itkis and Slava Gomzin co-created and co-founded the Graft Blockchain. Their goal was to create a reliable financial network, where the transactions are not subject to fraud, interventions, and manipulations.

Graft Crypto Blockchain 

It is a permissioned blockchain, where new blocks are added to the ledger in a linear and chronological order. In this way, each node of the network can access all the data.

Each node stores a copy of the blockchain and performs transaction verifications independently. To achieve independent verifications, each node communicates with other nodes on the network, validating transactions that involve its cryptocurrency address.

Graft Blockchain is available for use by anyone on a limited scale. However, full access is available only to those who have a Graft Blockchain account. To have an account on the Graft Blockchain, a user has to download a client application from its website.

The Graft Crypto system is decentralized. In the simplest form of a decentralized system, there is no central authority or single administrator. All network participants have an equal right to access the system and participate in its maintenance, i.e., perform transactions. Additionally, they can make changes to the existing data in as needed. This gives power and security to every single user of the Graft payment system.

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Transaction Speed

Graft Crypto enables quick, easy, and secure payments and transactions. Users can store Graft in their virtual wallets, which are also known as virtual bank accounts. Further, the same bank account supports multiple digital assets.

Transaction speed on the Graft Blockchain is 10x faster than on the Bitcoin blockchain. This is made possible because Graft uses parallelization for multi-currency transactions. The fact that it operates with not one block but three blocks at once further facilitates transaction speed.

The Graft Project 

According to the Graft project it aims to solve three main issues:

  • high transaction fees
  • long transaction times
  • energy inefficiency (from Proof-of-Work) through use of off-chain transactions.

This will allow people to use their currency of choice, such as Bitcoin, over the Graft Blockchain with a 1:1 ratio.

The Graft Protocol and Payment processing Gateway will operate in a decentralized manner. Participants in the protocol are known as Nodes. In turn, participants are incentivized by fees for their network transaction performance. Decentralized processing platforms like this have the potential to become very common in the future.

The Graft team believes it will be able to achieve a significant increase in transaction capacity. Simultaneously, they will reduce the costs associated with processing transactions on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Graft aims to be highly competitive with other payment processors such as Paypal.

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The Graft Crypto Advantages

Security and Privacy.

The most unique feature of graft crypto is that all the transactions are anonymous and private. They use a multi-signature system that only allows you to control your crypto with your private keys. In addition, these private keys give you the ability to visit their site without any information being linked to your IP address and location.

Fast Transactions.

Graft Blockchain is an open-source project, built on top of an existing cryptocurrency platform (BitShares). This allows the processing of multiple payments in a single transaction. Further, it boasts near-instant transaction times.


Graft Crypto Allows users to mine their own Graft Coin, for more income streams. It enables you to be a part of the Ownership in the crypto coin. This ingenious concept is a very good option for both newcomers and investors.

Low Fees.

With Graft you have an alternative to traditional fiat payment processing systems, with almost no fees involved in the transactions. As a user you save on the fees and the gas prices that are applied by the Ethereum blockchain.

The Graft Crypto Wallet and Payment Gateway 

Nodes will receive payment in Graft Coins (GRFT). The team has announced that they will be making a conversion of GRFT to Bitcoin (BTC) on a Stellar Decentralized Exchange at 0. This way Graft Crypto will have a peg to BTC, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

In their official releases, the Graft team claims that their Crypto wallet is more advanced than market competitors. This may well be a game changer for graft crypto as it can give them a competitive advantage. The main competitor of graft crypto is Dash coin. In the past, Dash has been considered to have the best crypto wallets and blockchain structure.

The Graft team also announced that they will release a Mobile Payment gateway soon. This huge step will increase Grafts utility and reach more people. The mobile wallet/payment gateway will be available on major application platforms like the Apple store and Play store.

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The Graft Crypto Utility

The Graft project is planning many ways to give the coin a broad utility value. The team is working on multiple projects like payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, social media, and more. This will be a major factor for the further success of Graft crypto because the more utility a coin has the more demand there will be. As such, the increasing utility will be a major game changer for Graft as it will increase its market cap.

Graft Crypto can be used to pay for goods and services from merchants that are providers on the network. As merchant involvement increases the Graft payment module very may well give Paypal and Payoneer some competition.

The Graft Team is working tirelessly on projects that will increase the reach, utility, and overall value of Graft crypto. 

For more details on this utility visit the Graft official site.

Graft Crypto Upcoming Projects

  1. Multi currency Marketplace – The marketplace will have a multi-crypto payment gateway built in. This gives you the ability to pay for goods and services using your Graft wallet at multiple merchants. it will also be made with a features like rating system, customer support chat, and more.
  2. Graft Crypto Payment Gateway – The payment gateway is a platform for people to use their Graft wallet and make payments on the Graft Blockchain. This will be made with features like a user-friendly interface and easy payment.
  3. eCommerce Platform – A single point of integration between merchants and buyers/sellers, including checkout, feedback system, loyalty programs, shipping, and more.
  4. News and Upcoming Events – Graft Crypto will host news, events, and real-time reporting allowing users to interact with each other and the community.

The Graft Crypto Price and Market Predictions.

The Market for Graft crypto is very optimistic. Investors are ready and looking to invest in Graft crypto because of its unique features and the big market CAP.

The Graft crypto market cap is sitting at $144 Million. In terms of Rank, Cornmarketcap ranks it at # 133. The market cap of GFT is the most important factor to look at while investing in any cryptocurrency.

The price of Graft is sitting at $0.17, at the time of writing (December 2022). According to Coinmarketcap, Graft price has seen an impressive 17% increase during the last week and a 7% increase over the past month.


The Graft Crypot Team is working hard with their new projects to make Graft better and more successful. The Graft Core Team consists of very talented members that are dedicated to this new decentralized project. They have a lot of experience in many fields that can help them develop the best project for their community.

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