Satoshily is a P2P crypto marketplace and it works without KYC or identity checks, therefore, it is not considered reliable and safe by certain parts of the crypto community. Therefore, we have arranged the top ten alternative exchanges that you can use for crypto transactions or to sell bitcoin satoshily monero. However, first, let’s dig a little deeper into Satoshily.

sell bitcoin satoshily monero.

What is Bitcoin Satoshily and can you sell bitcoin satoshily monero?

Satoshily was launched in 2021 with a conveyed vision of providing a decentralized solution for exchanging cryptocurrency in the world of centralized exchanges. However, it failed to impress a lot of users due to shady reviews on the internet and negative complaints by users on Reddit and other platforms. Still, some users opined that they were able to sell bitcoin satoshily monero on the exchange but these claims were not verified. Hence, numerous users look for alternatives to Satoshily. So, we arranged the top ten alternatives.

What are the alternative Exchanges of Bitcoin Satoshily?

The major alternative exchanges of Satoshily are Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, WazirX, Gemini, OKX, Huobi, Bybit, HODL HODL, and Paxful. Let’s dive deep and learn about each of these ten alternative exchanges. 

Top ten alternative exchanges of Bitcoin Satoshily

1.     Binance

One of the best alternatives to Satoshily is Binance. It is a P2P crypto exchange with more than three hundred payment methods. On top of that, it provides various zero fees options. Moreover, Binance is one of the top exchanges in the world. It is a torch bearer in crypto adoption throughout the world with their own proprietary digital wallet.

The native token of Binance is BNB but it provides trading in all of the reliable and popular pairs. Furthermore, the Binance fund supports new crypto projects. Meanwhile, Binance Launchpad enables projects to launch projects effortlessly to millions of users. Hence, it is the ideal exchange for the starters.

2.     Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the leading American-based cryptocurrency exchanges that was launched in 2012. Although, it does not have any headquarters because it works on the model of remote working, still, it is a very reliable and successful exchange and it provides services in over a hundred countries.

It is a reliable and legitimate crypto exchange as it is trusted by 43 million verified users along with more than a hundred thousand ecosystem partners in over a hundred countries. On top of that, it is trusted by over seven thousand institutions. Above all, right now, Coinbase is handling over $90 billion worth of crypto assets on its platform. Making, it one of the best alternatives.

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3.     KuCoin

KuCoin is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world. The vision of the KuCoin was ready in 2013 by the two early investors but the exchange was launched in 2017. Moreover, in 2018, the company secured huge funding and thereafter, became one of the major players in the crypto world.

Now, KuCoin is a global crypto player and it has over 8 million registered users. Moreover, it services accounts almost all over the world, with the exception of the United States, due to some licensing issues. Still, it is believed, that one in every four crypto traders uses KuCoin.

4.     WazirX

WazirX was launched in India in 2018 by a company called Crowd Fire. Crowd Fire is a successful social media management company that had millions of regular users. However, after noting the opportunity in the crypto space, the founders launched WazirX crypto exchange. Wazir is the Hindi name of the Queen piece in Chess and the vision was that WazirX will move as fast as the Queen in the game of chess.

WazirX is the best choice, especially for users from India. However, later on, WazirX connected its ways with Binance to serve the global audience.

5.     Gemini

Other than trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies, Gemini acquired NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway in 2019. Hence, now it provides both crypto and NFT services.

Gemini was founded in 2014 with a vision to provide smooth crypto transaction and trading facilities in the region of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, and Singapore. One of the biggest challenges that Gemini faced during their startup was to remain online due to the excessive user burden on the site.

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6.     OKX

OKX was launched in 2017 by the OK group in China and it is not open to US investors rather it is used to serve investors in the Chinese region. However, later on, the OKX exchange faced regulatory issues in China and therefore, it is moving its services outside of China. However, that is not the end of OKX!OKX managed to build a partnership with globally recognized brands like football team Manchester City and McLaren, a leading car brand. Hence, these deals show that OKX is here to stay despite complications.

7.     Huobi

Huobi was launched in 2013 as a Bitcoin and crypto trading platform in China. It quickly became China’s largest digital asset trading platform at that time. After it, the brand Huobi keeps on expanding as it acquired more funding in 2014 and acquired Quick Wallet. It is a reliable exchange and this fact can be deduced from the incident in 2014 when the exchange wrongly deposited 920 bitcoin into different accounts after returning all of the lost cryptocurrency.

8.     Bybit

Bybit was launched in 2018 and it is headquartered in Singapore. The exchange does not have any native taken and provides support to all of the major cryptocurrencies and more than twenty fiat currencies. Moreover, it is providing crypto trading services in Europe, Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia, and South Korea. It is popular for being transparent, fair, and reliable. Hence, it is a great alternative. 

9.     HODL HODL

Top 10 Alternative Exchanges of Bitcoin Satoshily Trade Plan

HODL HODL is also one of the best P2P cryptocurrency exchanges that enable users to directly trade with other users. In this way, this cryptocurrency exchange does not hold the funds of the users, instead, it locks the funds in a multisig escrow account. This method decreases the risk of fraud and increases the efficiency of trading time. Hence, it is also one of the best alternatives.

10. Paxful

Lastly, Paxful is one of the last alternatives for Satoshily as it is a P2P exchange with considerable trust and experience. Paxful was founded in 2014 as EasyBitz but later on, it was renamed Paxful. Now, the Paxful platform is popular due to its ability to support multiple payment methods. It offers more than three hundred payment methods so users can receive and pay through almost any method. Hence, it is the ideal alternative to avoid payment complications.


In conclusion, the vision behind Satoshily was to establish a decentralized exchange but due to negative popularity, the confidence of the users is not ideal. Hence, now it is not easy to sell bitcoin satoshily. Therefore, the above-mentioned ten exchanges provide the best alternative to Satoshily.

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