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Unite finance is a reliable project that offers up to 400% of APR, an annual percentage of return, with its time-tested system.

Unite finance is based on the harmony chain but it is inspired by the highly successful project of Tomb Finance that was on the Fantom Chain. However, Unite Finance is somewhat better than Tomb Finance thanks to some unique advantages that are offered due to the harmony chain as well as overall improvement in the project model. 

What is Unite Finance and How you can profit from it?

Unite Finance is one of the first decentralized algorithmic stablecoins on Harmony’s main net and it is pegged to the price of 1 ONE via the system of seigniorage. To understand this further, you have to understand four concepts; the decentralization of the project, the algorithmic system of the stablecoin, the role of blockchain, and the system of seigniorage.

Unite finance is a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin! That means that no single entity holds or completely influences the system instead the collective input of stakeholders dictates the output. Furthermore, the algorithmic stablecoin means, that it is a stable coin and its value is not very volatile and it remains stable due to an amazing algorithm that ensures stability in the system.

We will discuss its working in the upcoming sections!

Unite Finance: The Real Secret of Successful Investors - Wealthy

The third and fourth concepts that must be understood are the role of blockchain and the system of seigniorage. The Blockchain provides the basic infrastructure that keeps the project afloat and working. Therefore, the right blockchain is essential for success and the Harmony blockchain is the perfect choice for Unite Finance.

Lastly, the system of seigniorage holds key importance. It is the system by which stable currency should work. In this system, the cost of minting, printing, or introducing the new currency is calculated and compared with the face value of the currency, and the difference is considered the profit or worth.

How you can profit from it?

You can easily earn huge profits in various ways like unite tokens, unite shares, and unite bonds. However, the list does not end here and even small investors can get huge profits by a simple method of following the peg. In this method, the small investors know that the algorithm with ensuring that the peg will remain intact, so they can easily predict the response of the algorithm and hence, can mirror the requirement of the algorithm to get good profits. 

Unite Finance: The Real Secret of Successful Investors - YT

Harmony and Unite Finance! What is the relation?

Harmony is on its way to becoming one of the top five chains and unites finance is the torch-bearer project of the harmony community. Every chain requires a certain level of liquidity and unite finance provides that liquidity to harmony chain. Therefore, it assists the chain to attract more projects and investments.

Other than that, Unite Finance provides the vision of unite fist for the harmony chain. Here is the vision behind unite fist:-

U for Unity: Unite Finance is a symbol of unity for all the projects in the harmony chain. Therefore, it works for the unity of the whole ecosystem.

N for Nurture: Unite Finance nurture new talent and projects in the ecosystem and provide crucial support in fostering innovation throughout the harmony chain.

I for Integrity: Unite Finance is the symbol of collective growth and trust and it enables investors and projects to profit collectively.

T for Technology: Unite Finance is the backbone in terms of improving technology on the harmony chain. Therefore, it provides robust, modern, and secure tech support to the community.

E for Economic: Unite Finance enables harmony and the unite community to ensure profitable economic results from the various endeavors and initiatives.

In this way, the Unite Fist initiative enables the community to stick to these five core values and bond the whole ecosystem on the harmony chain into one single unit. Furthermore, the supporters of Unite Finance use the sign of the fist as a symbol of Unite values on their social media accounts.

Unite Finance Free Crypto Buying Guide

What is Unite Finance Protocol and how does it work?

Unite Finance Protocol is the basic system that ensures the stability of the system. It dictates the pricing dynamics of the multiple tokens of the ecosystem in the following ways:-

·         Unite Price is over the Peg

When the price of Unite is over the peg, the protocol mint more Unite and allocates it to USHARE holders in the boardroom for staking, thereby, bringing the price to the peg level.

·         Unite Price is at the Peg

When the price of Unite-One is at par, the protocol stops minting Unite thereby allowing investors in USHARE to get voting rights in the DAO.

·         Unite Price drops below the Peg

When the price of Unite falls below the peg, the investors start investing in UBOND. This investment results in burning of UBONDS to reduce the supply of Unite and thereby bring the price back to the peg.

What are the three tokens of Unite Finance?

Unite Finance consist of three basic tokens and these tokens ensure the stability and the working of the protocol as explained above. Here are the three tokens.

1.     Unite Tokens

The Unite Tokens are the medium of exchange and a built-in stability mechanism of the protocols. These tokens enable the protocol to maintain the peg of 1 Unite = 1 ONE. Moreover, Unite Token is the token of choice of ecosystem.

2.     Unite Shares

Unite Shares also known as USHARE enable the token holder to have governance voting rights and ownership rights of the protocol. Furthermore, USHARE can be staked in the boardroom which enables token holders to get minted UNITE as a reward. 

3.     Unite Bonds

Unite Bonds also known as UBOND is the most crucial token of Unite Finance. It is used to defend the peg during the contraction period and therefore, it incentivizes and rewards the users for defending the peg.

Unite Finance: The Real Secret of Successful Investors - up or down


In conclusion, Unite Finance is one of the best projects on the Harmony chain, and it supports and nurtures the ecosystem of the harmony blockchain. Furthermore, it provides huge profits to the investors, liquidity to the harmony chain, and support to the community. Hence, new investors should study this project for its exceptional investment opportunities.

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