Introduction – Best New Crypto Projects

Best New Crypto Projects

It’s hard to keep up with all the new cryptocurrencies, tokens, and exchanges in the cryptocurrency world. It may seem impossible to know which crypto projects are the best and which ones are a waste. To help you cut through the fluff, we’ve put together this list of the best crypto projects. I would never be so na├»ve as to suggest that this is a comprehensive list. However, these are projects and NFTs that is worth your time to pay attention to.

I have ranked the following projects according to a proprietary algorithm. The algorithm considers factors such as team strength, market insight, token growth potential, etc. You may consider them the best crypto projects.

1. Enjin

The first of our best crypto projects on this list is no stranger to the crypto space. Enjin is an organization that believes in the power of gaming to bring people together. They show their support for this concept by supporting virtual currencies in their initiative. The company wants to make these currencies usable in a real-world setting outside of the gaming world. Consequently, they have developed mobile gaming marketplaces to be used by gamers around the world, with real-world value.

2. FunFair

FunFair is a project that aims to facilitate the creation and development of online casinos and sportsbooks. It must also allow them to share in the revenue derived from their games with players. Through a complex algorithm, the platform creates fair opportunities for players while also creating revenue for owners of online casinos. As a result, we have ranked this as one of the best crypto projects.

3. EOS

EOS is a platform that aims to create a new generation of decentralized apps. This platform serves as an infrastructure layer upon which apps can be built. The EOS blockchain has open-source software, and anyone can use it and build apps on top of it. In theory, this will make creating apps easier. As well as, also making the creation of new features on the platform more scalable. The goal is to create a true operating system for decentralized apps. This operating system has the potential to compete with some of the big names in tech, such as Ethereum. This is the second of the best crypto projects.

4. Storj

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Storj is an upcoming decentralized cloud storage platform. The Storj platform will host any type of file and provide secure, encrypted storage to the users. The goal of this project is to provide incentives for people that host their files with this decentralized platform by providing them with compensation in the form of STORJ tokens. Additionally, this will allow for a more stable long-term funding source for those that need it. It will also, make using decentralized cloud storage more attractive to ordinary users.

5. Ethereum Classic

The ETC digital currency comes from the original Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum Blockchain was split in two by developers who disagreed with changes made to the codebase following the DAO incident. ETC is also referred to as Ethereum, and the original Ethereum is known as Ethereum Classic. The difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is that Ethereum Classic still runs the original code of Ethereum.

Ethereum Classic came into existence due to a disagreement over how the blockchain should handle transactions that came in after a critical hack. Although this digital currency was not created with the main goal of becoming valuable, it has made some people rich nonetheless. The value of this cryptocurrency grew by more than 2,000% in 2017.

6. Ripple

Ripple is a distributed payment protocol that aims to operate as an intermediary between two parties wanting to make a cross-border payment through its own XRP token. This will allow for fast and cheap transactions across borders. The goal of this project is to make sending large sums of money across borders as easy as sending a normal text message. Amazingly, it delivers on this by letting financial institutions use its network to settle payments.

The Ripple network uses consensus algorithms that rely on a trusted validator node list from over 100 major banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Santander Group, and Bank of America. Consequently, this makes the Ripple platform stand out as one of the most gilded in the cryptocurrency world.

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7. MakerDAO

MakerDAO is a system used for creating stable tokens whose value is pegged to the US dollar or any other fiat currency you might wish to use as your reference point. MaledAO creates tokens called Dai. These tokens are then used as collateral against loans. This system provides the service of a stablecoin, which is an innovative offshoot of cryptocurrencies that are usually highly volatile.

8. PotCoin

A decentralized autonomous organization runs The MakerDAO system that relies on a complex set of smart contracts to manage the system and ensure that users receive the correct amount of DAI. Additionally, The company plans to expand its platform allowing users to trade Dai for other cryptocurrencies.

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PotCoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to bring legal cannabis businesses and consumers together. The goal of this digital currency is to provide a way for people who deal with the legal cannabis market. It allows them to accept payments in a secure, easy-to-use, and transparent manner. This project is designed in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Accordingly, it is a candidate for mainstream adoption by both consumers and businesses in the industry.

9. ZCash

ZCash is a project that aims to be an improvement over other cryptocurrencies, allowing users to create privacy solutions that are immune to all types of network sniffing and transaction tracing. I like the fact that transaction privacy and security are top priorities of this project. This currency targets people who want a way to store, send, and exchange money that allows them to remain anonymous.

10. Bytecoin


Bitcoin is a digital currency that aims to be the first cryptocurrency with a native implementation of Zerocoin Protocols. This protocol was originally designed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in 2013. It aimed to allow users to keep private transactions involving their digital wealth private. Byte allows them to hide the amounts and destinations being sent. Accordingly, the aim is also to prevent transaction data from being linked back to the sender, making it resistant to attacks.


These are just some of the top digital currencies that you might want to look into investing in. They are only a few of the many more digital Coins and Tokens available, many of which are good. With the right amount of research, you can find digital coins and tokens that will outperform your peers. Now is a good time to invest as there are many extraordinary digital coins that are worth investing in.

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