You may think that cryptocurrency is a new fad and might not know who or where to get reliable information on the subject. There are numerous sources of information out there, but when it comes to crypto, finding trustworthy blogs and newsletters can be very difficult. This article will help you find the best crypto bloggers to follow and some other tips for staying on top of all the latest news.

Crypto bloggers are different kinds of bloggers because they focus more on educating people about cryptocurrency than they do on making money through affiliate marketing or advertising their own personal products.

Best Crypto Bloggers to Follow For the Crypto Beginner

Of course there would be none other that we would recommend over our own! Oh? You say maybe we are a little biased? While I will concede that we are pretty proud and maybe even a little biased we do have some very knowledgeable writers and respected influencers as contributors to this site.

Here at our mission is to help everyday people build wealth with crypto. Our method is by providing free recourses, reviews, and coaching so that you can gain the confidence necessary to become an independent crypto trader.

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Crypto Currency News

I began reading Crypto Currency News websites in November 2015 and I am still learning something new every day. The best crypto news sources generally will be found on your exchange providers web site. A reputable exchange such as Coinbase or Binance have regular guest bloggers.

I have found Coinbase and Binance have consistently provided me with a wide range of cryptocurrency-related information. The contributors to the news feeds of these exchange websites are very knowledgeable and have a large network of people around the world that supply them with content.

Their blog posts can be lengthy, but it’s worth it to read each one since they offer a verity of insights that can be invaluable. This is definitely one of my go-to sources for cryptocurrency.

In addition to the extensive articles on their websites, your exchange should offer a newsletter that will keep you notified of current trends and offers. Many times they include exclusive interviews with prominent traders and crypto insiders.

A reputable exchange will offer leaders in the industry interviews and opinionated articles about cryptocurrency, politics, technology and much more. Traders who regularly read their newsletters are quickly becoming top cryptocurrency investors since the information they receive is well-researched and can help them make wise investment decisions. I highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter because you’ll be getting valuable information before anyone else does.

Crypto Bloggers Q


The CryptoCoinMastery website is one of the most informative sources of cryptocurrencies I have ever seen or read. The owner, Andrew Day, has a large following of cryptocurrency investors on his Crypto Coin Mastery Facebook page and also on Twitter.

He has written several eBooks concerning cryptocurrency. Currently he is working with other cryptocurrency entrepreneurs to create even more educational products.

By following his website or social media accounts, you can receive alerts to his latest blog posts, which are chock full of extremely useful information. He also works with other crypto bloggers to promote their work and gives valuable advice regarding the information they provide to readers. I highly recommend him if you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

The best source for crypto news – CryptoPanache

Crypto Panache is the first dedicated cryptocurrency news website where people can learn about new coins before anyone else does. They are an online cryptocurrency newspaper that’s filled with valuable information concerning upcoming events, announcements and other informative Crypto news. They provide updates to their Twitter account on a regular basis so it’s easy to stay up to date without having to do any research of your own.

In addition to following blog posts, they reveal coin listings on new exchanges and announce partnerships between projects, not only within the cryptocurrency sector but also in media and marketing.

They have created a newsletter for those who want access to exclusive ICO information before others get the scoop. This subscription is only available to those seriously looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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In addition to these best crypto bloggers are others that I have found over the past year and I will continue to update this section as new crypto bloggers come on the scene. Their information is extremely helpful, especially with my busy schedule and I can’t stress enough how valuable it has become for me as a cryptocurrency investor.

It is important for you to follow good crypto blog writers so that you could get the best information from reliable sources. It is not just about reading the content but also being able to get the insight from an industry expert. What is your opinion about this? Do let us know in the comments section below and we would be more than happy to answer for you.

Conclusion – best crypto bloggers

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